Yes,numbers are mostly false,the last link I shared provided everything to expose the official story.From the origin of covid 19,tests of covid 19 etc.That link is a study with links to studies.

:D:D:Dthen explain the unusual spike in deaths after corona came into the picture ama hizo bodies toys or Obama, bill gates and his network wanaangusha watu?? here is some material to use as you craft your BS explanations
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Deaths - Our World in Data

The one full of BS is you. .Everything has been addressed in here.


CC @Abba

At times I wish someone can lock up these libertarians in the same room as a covid +ve person and see if they will have the same courage they have of standing tall and uttering garbage like the way that doctor has done .

I think they are doing this because they are tired of being shot senselessly by police and white people for no reason. They will do this because guns are not being taken off the hands of murderous whites… so let’s own one to be equal … it’s just natural instincts.

How do you support a party that fully supports and finances abortions and abort.ion clinics including here in Kenya???

I’d rather support a party that supports gun ownership than one that supports the killing of defenseless foetuses.

I’d rather support Trump who says he wants to create jobs that can support families to take care of babies unlike the Democrats who’d rather invest govt. money in abor.tion clinics.

It’s common sense. @Abba you support murderers in suits and medical garments.

First of all politics in your country dont bother or move me . Whether you kill each other with guns or arbotion tools …I dont care

My contribution here about your country is just a stand by comments or someone looking over the fence. But one thing I know for sure …republicans are Christian pretenders and majority are mentally retarded.

How do you support a party that supports abortions???

Can’t answer that can you? You and @Bottoms point fingers at the gun owners but ignore the baby killers.

A whole presidential candidate saying the unborn DO NOT have a constitutional right.

A foetus is not recognised in her katiba.

A whole president giving a key note address at the place where they commit abortions : Planned Parenthood.

He thanks them for years of good service to Americans.

If I was a woman I’ll tell you if it’s ok to carry a baby that I want or not . That’s a choice that women should make not men like you, moscow mitch and John Roberts. Let @Purple get into arguement with @Hot Chocolate! about that but me and you ( though I always doubt if you are a man) who have no vaginas should clear off that freeway.

But as a man if I choose to remove one of my balls, I dont expect Uhuru to take me to jail because I have done so. It’s my choice and I want to live by the consequences of removing one of my balls.

I hate politics in your country because you guys sold your soul to the devil… both sides of the isle . You Republicans have blood on your hands of muslims your killed senselessly all over the world so is democrats with their abortions stuff… you are clearly in a shithole country.

Dont tag me again on your american anecdotes. Quote me on something funny or constructive .
Thank you !

You do not want to be held responsible for decisions concerning the spermatozoa that leaves your penis but you are very concerned with who can carry a gun in the U.S?

Why would you not be worried about the most important gun the one between your legs!

The gun that gives life and not the one that takes lives away?

If anything Republicans argue for gun ownership that protects their families and their neighborhoods and their unborn babies!

What kind of an African is this who can support ab.ortion and even seat and joke and break bread with them…

And yet he is a parent of human children!!!


Take guns from everyone and problems solved. You don’t have Brits occupying your houses and lands like they did before in 1700… why own them now?

By the way some countries like Europe don’t preach bible and guns st the same time but guns are illegal. They have the lowest crime, murders and hateful crimes in the world. Your country on the other hand is just something else…no right words can explain your shithole states of America

He made zero medical arguments, so as far as expertise goes, he’s just another airhead in medical gown. But you dunderheads don’t seem to understand the vastness and diversity of America. In some places in America, a lock-down is an overkill, in some busy metropolises like NY, some lock-down measures are necessary. The problem is, the authorities in some states have taken monkey-see-monkey-do or politically motivated measures, instead of engaging in data-driven, evidence-based process.

Europe is not a country. And obviously you have never heard of a little country called Switzerland or of their profound love for firearms either. Swiss kids start shooting AKs at the age of 5.

The covid test is not accurate,so the doctor isn’t lying