Well,here it is

@Purple kuom kiasi. Hii Corona ni hoax. Wafungue economy bill gåytes na wale watu wa HOE wapelekee upuzi mbali.

Talks like a pig’s fart.Ferkingg conservatives

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This dude made zero medical arguments. He was just bitching about liberties and shit

Waste of space

Watu wanashangilia ujinga…true bonobos

your panties are wet because he’s telling you and them what you want to hear… reality is a bitch that doesn’t care about your thoughts and feelings though!!

Corona is a hoax

To the naysayers,read and weep
. Italy’s commonly pointed at as an example of corona’s alleged lethality but even that is false.

If things were as bad in America as the mainstream media there want you to believe,why the hell are CBS faking a corona virus crisis in a hospital

you are basing your argument on the opinions of three people:D:D:Dulipata ngapi project ya university ama ulinunua cert??

So you’re saying if many people repeat a lie then that lie turns into the truth

Si hivyo. It says scientist destroys Corona virus narrative. We expected since he’s a scientist and it’s infront of a hospital, he’s going to tell us with science why what we think of the virus is a lie. He’s going to tell us mambo kwa front line iko aje

Kumbe liberties blah blah. We are disappointed. The other links umepea afadhali. Huyu hajaongeza anything

right of nazi propaganda playbook!! don’t forget, truth is relative
truth is covid is killing, trump dropped the ball… his cronies and supporters are wiping his gigantic dirty behind.

Many doctors and nurses have come out and said why the response to it has been overkill.He isn’t the first one

It’s the other way round,you’re the one who has been fooled.

convince me then… base your argument on logic, not hear say!!

The one who’s basing his argument on hearsay is you,I’ve proved my points beyond doubt.

so you are saying that all the numbers are false and we should go back to normal??
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