American corporate media editors challenged

You can keep telling yourself that

And you should deceive yourself less

Do you remember how Weinstein case was exposed? It was exposed when a journalist said it on live tv. It was not sanctioned by NBC.

No that’s not how it happened.

What of Russian and Chinese Government and Media Warmongers … ??? :mad::mad:

Everybody knows Russian and Chinese media are controlled by the state: we criticize USA more because USA lectures everyone about democracy, free press and human rights while they are busy bombing others for financial reasons, jailing whistle blowers and journalists like Julian Assange.

USA is the only country that used a nuclear bomb against civilians.

The image below clearly shows USA became a huge warmonger with destructive effects after WW2 and its not even complete. Imagine how many millions of citizens collectively have died because uncle Sam had to bring “democracy” through missiles?

Russia has bombed people in other countries but not to the level of uncle Sam. China has never bombed anyone.

Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao killed Millions of their OWN Citizens …

That is where you should have began your skewed narrative…:D:D

Key word “own people” hawakuja kutusumbua like uncle Sam. Kama Hitler angekuwa anamaliza only Germans no one would’ve invaded his country.

Typical Juvenile Logic …

If both Hitler and Stalin had killed 6 Million of their OWN people …
We would not have had WW2 or the rise of Communism … :smiley:

Why do you think UK, Russia and US united to fight Hittler? Pitia history lessons uone. That time Hollywood even made propaganda movies praising Russia.

When Stalin was busy killing millions of Russians the US and UK never invaded.

So if Hittler was just killing Germans and Africans and not invading other European countries there would’ve been no WW1 and 2.

Now look at modern USA.