American corporate media editors challenged

Western Mainstream media warmongers didn’t like that.



These brave men will soon die from heart attacks…

Uhuru ule mmoja wa pandora boxes?

Hiyo story ilikanyagiwa mbaya… as if it makes a difference.

Fake News Media. Only interested in fat checks from the globalist corporations.

Meanwhile, Assange is jailed for releasing videos of the US bombing civilians in the middle east like it’s a video game

No ni black Americans wanajiita hivyo walikamatwa.

That’s why they fired my man Tucker Carlson he told the truth about Yukraine. Zelensky is a corrupt dictator and the Ukrainians ain’t winning the fight

Now these guys I can support.

Even if they muzzle these brave men, the cat is out the box. Wataambia nini watu. Nobody believes these rags anymore just see vile wanapigwa on the internet kama stray dogs

This is just a stupid publicity stunt. He didn’t say anything that hasn’t been repeated by faux news a million times already.

Wewe haujui FOX nyeus iko kwa mifuko ya govt and corporations? Tafuta clip ya FOX nyeus talking about mzee Biden bombing nordstream.
Hao na wakina CNN wako kwa deep pockets za BlackRock.

Tucker said it Dan bongino said it and now they gone

As @Starscream has just said, Tucker explicitly accused Biden of blowing up Nordstream

And look at what happened to him.

Neither fox nor Tucker has given a reason for his exit. You can’t pin it on Nordstream

Maybe or maybe not but if he was talking about Nordstream he might also be talking about other things govt and Fox owners do not like.
If it was a sex scandal, low rating or corruption ingekuwa allover the news.

Now donate to him, he is using such stunts to solicit for money from you. If those media are dying, why bother whether they report something or not?

Key word “dying” bado kuna watu wengi wanawatch these stations.

You can’t be serious. You think fox didn’t know what he was going to say before he said it? The show was scripted. He had a team of writers employed by fox.
He wasn’t freestyling on camera. He was just reading the teleprompter. So there’s zero chance that he ever said anything fox didn’t approve of

The reporters are given autonomy to run their shows, as per their contracts. They don’t have to seek approval from the board on what to report