America YouTubers Joining Biznezzez

Kuna yule mwingine wa malorry ya diesel Dave pia alinunua mashares kwa kampuni ya ev Nikola na ako kwa board, huyu mwingine Casey Naestart ako kwa board ya Nothing. Hawa YouTube wa Kenya ni pesa hawana, ideas hawana ama no one wants them kwa board?

Kwa nini Natalie Tewa asijoin board ya kampuni ya nywele and bring fresh product perspectives rather than influenzing na picha sexy sexy, structure a deal unaweza kulia in the long term.

Hio ni kuwasumbua akili hawana hio time afadhali apost picha na video akitwerk anafikiri hio attention ni life and death

What ideas do Kenyan Youtubers have that have to be turned into reality and make a profit for a real company?
The trending girls in IG can’t tell a difference between a eg, 60 fps and 30 fps, why would a camera phone company want a partnership with such a person? Don’t say they have numbers, because their followership ages in 2-3 years as the people they once awed become older.

Don’t trust 90% of what you see on social media. It’s a generation where we make everything into content. The real business people show you what they do daily. The ups and the downs. The heartbreaks for months watching all your capital being wiped out and finding ways to survive.
Real business is in the dirt.
Hawa wengine ni uso wanauza for likes.
I think Kenyan/African content creators are doing well. Wacha hao with flashy lives.