America the beautiful.

Huyu Sonko ameshindwa tu nakufanya hivi???

Can Nairobians ever drive that peacefully, calmly… in an orderly civil manner?

I put it to you.

Beverly Hills is really a posh place that most American’s cannot afford to live. It’s home to the best Hollywood stars. Most are even chauffeur driven. Rodeo Drive itself is one of the most upscale shopping streets in the world.

Asking Sonko to match the best neighbourhood in America is really stretching it.

Oneni downtown Chicago…

Skyscraper city…

@gashwin kuja uniambie how China will surpass this. :D:D:D

To some extent but if Nairobians wanted order it can be achieved.
Just with the few lights we have people will honk at you for stopping at a red light, just because the road is clear…

this video was shot during off-peak hours. You will find that Nairobi’s traffic flows freely during the off-peak hours. Even our traffic police usually take a rest during these hours. Chi City has its fair share of traffic jams as depicted in this video

This culture is more prevalent among PSV drivers. During my morning commute, most personal car drivers in this city are more than willing to stop by the red-light including myself.

Unaongea Ujinga and a bear just scared the daylights outta me

WTF happened?

This is nothing compared to Shanghai or Guangzhou …infact Juja in kenya is almost matching it

matching in terms of what?

Ati what?:D:D:D

How is this expected to happen when police have been given a daily bribe collection target, they go at every road junction to control traffic even when there are places with traffic lights to stop cars and collect bribes. A matatu crew will violate laws because he knows he can get out with a small bribe. In the US or UK, try jumping lights or DUI and you will live to regret it,But if the traffic light order in Kileleshwa, Hurlighum,5th Ngong Avenue is replicated everywhere order can come to Nairobi

We should be outdoing Beverly hills by miles. We have an excess of manpower.
We need to hire people to clean and reconstruct the streets at night.

My neck of the woods…A wonder in the books:

It’s mostly a culture thing. How traffic violations are handled is no different from how we handle other crimes. But at least we allow ambulances to come through all the time.

Chinaman hatoboi hizo highway. Roho tu safi. Kwanza kuna zingine San Francisco you dip into a hole/tunnel then come out of the hole huko chini… :D:D

It’s a road… but into a hole… then you dip out! Wacha tu.