"America shaming Africa" A short documentary with Larry Madowo


This is good… The U.S lecturing Africa and the world must stop. God bless Trump for becoming the president… I dont understand people who dont like Trump… NATO is inactive which has meant world peace for the last 4 years, he leaves other countries alone, we are at peace. But then you have some low IQ african descedent people saying that Trump is a baffon and that U.S should have a strong president… Well if he is a baffon thank good, why would i want a strong U.S which goes around destibilizing Africa and other countries? God bless Trump. Trump2020.

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Sawasawa mwana wa zambe…bado upo ubulaya?

Acha kunisumbua na low IQ yako.

Drumpf should go. For Africa, a strong United States will be a good counterweight to counterweight to china in the future. We know that china will overtake the US unless some political upheaval happens in china. A china that is unchallenged on the world stage would be disaster for the rest of the world. Also, right now, the US cant dictate shit to African countries. We are basically in a situation like the Cold War. We can always go to the other side (china) for support and if we find the chinese unreasonable, we can go to the west. Infact, now its easier cause we dont even need to change ideologies since both are capitalist

Mwana wa Zambe kutoka Lumbumbashi,bona wewe banasumbua Mimi ivo? Na wewe banaishi Kenya Kama refugee

lol… U.S will remain strong… But Trump leaves Africa alone as U.S is still strong. Look at Obama whom attacked an African country and caused terrorism, poverty, war which is still fellt today. Nonsense. Trump 2020.

The US will remain more powerful than china on the world stage for decades to come my fren. Overtaking the US economically is one thing. Overtaking it militarily and in terms of global influence is something else. Remember, the US has been entrenching itself on the global stage and building its military and alliances since 1945… almost 75 years.

The world has been here b4 anyway. The US overtook the brits economically circa 1880 but did not displace it as the superpower at the time. It took another 60yrs

Trump left Africa alone, not because he likes us and cares about us that much, but because he’s been kept full time busy back at home by the Democrats because of his multiple sins, too busy to meddle with our affairs. Trump is such a vengeful ass king. Remember how he has been bullying weak nations at the United Nations Assembly to toe his line? If they don’t vote with America they withdraw the little aid that America gives you, never mind that Trump already reduced those aids and preferencial treatments immediately he took office!!!

He just doesn’t care about Africa… Every president gets pressured by the other political party. I think its good that he doesn’t care about us. Obama tried to expand and bring U.S military base in Africa and Trump is reversing all that. God bless him.