America On "Gun" Fire....

Two masked and hooded men walked up to a crowd near a laundromat and barbershop in the New York City borough of Queens and opened fire, wounding 10 people, including three known gang members, before escaping on mopeds, police said Sunday morning.
The shooting unfolded in the Queen’s neighborhood of Corona just before 11 p.m. Saturday. Police said 40 shell casings have so far been recovered from the scene near 99th Street and 37th Avenue.


NYPD officials released surveillance video of the two unknown males approaching the group on foot. Both men brandished firearms and began firing at people standing in front of the barbershop. Two other unknown males on mopeds followed behind the shooters and picked them both up before fleeing.
Police said that bystanders were walking along the sidewalk and that a party was in progress at a restaurant a few doors down from the barbershop at the time of the shooting.

after watching this video , i looked at the the first guy nikakumbuka hii findeo…could be wrong though