America is becoming too desperate now. Look at these sponsored ads


Is it ?

Very desperate. You should see the bullshit they are saying about Tiktok

Meanwhile…they are just salty because they did not get this [ATTACH=full]316398[/ATTACH]

The statement from CS Macharia is pure cow dung.

They are stating the fcking truth…generations of Kenyans that are not yet born will be responsible for predatory loans…

@Sambamba , what’s your opinion, on what the cs said ?

The project was supposed to cost 300 billion according to the Kenyan government. If Macharia says it was going to cost 184 billion , that means that they wanted the rest as bribes which was a no no for an American company. Can’t wait for they day they jail and hang these traitors who have run down a great country.

Look at the wording
“China’s SGR failure”

Hio SGR iko Kenya ama Shanghai? If the Americans manage to build the Mombasa Expressway, will we be calling it

“America’s expressway?”

Is Thika Road a
“Chinese Super Highway success?”

… and by the way, I don’t expect low IQ bonobos to discern American propaganda against the Chinese in light of current geopolitical events.

You need to ask yourself why the American government would see the need to place paid adverts to remind Kenyans why the SGR was such a bad deal.

remeber this modern electric rail system they biult …


That’s is what we were supposed to get for the money we spent . But we paid for a Lamborghini and got a Vitz.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]More like a mismatched pair of crocs

It is the truth. Chinese are predators and Africa is their prey. They are like ants or rodents devouring everything on their way. They are degrading the environment to unseen levels including logging priceless thousands year old forests in Congo and elsewhere in Africa.

They are bringing in thousands of their uncouth populace to settle in Africa for some sinister reasons. these people are a curse on us but unfortunately it might be too late by the time we come to realize

Wake up and accept your future lineage will pay while you are dead and buried 2 century ago.

@Sambamba if God forbid Kenya kakanuka and you have to be a refugee and you’re given ONLY two choices of countries to emigrate to China and USA which one would you choose?

This bonobo low IQ reasoning will ensure that Africa will remain a backward continent for the next 500 years.

Your statement shows how you have been conditioned and brainwashed to think that you are better and more civilised than the Chinese. Calling people who have landed on the dark side of the moon uncouth :people who last week sent a rocket to Mars and lifted 800 million people out of poverty in 30 years. People who have come to build infrastructure in Africa without the usual preconditions that the west attaches.

If America loves us so much, why don’t they give us 5 billion dollars in interest free loans or grants a year to fund our infrastructure.

Engage the Chinese, and ask them how they did it and left India and Africa behind.

I didn’t say Chinese are uncivilized, just that they are sending the social rejects here.

Did I mention America? you are the low IQ reasoner here always resulting to insults instead of engaging in a civilized debate.

Btw the post was about American propaganda against China and not the Chinese. Don’t derail conversations

Just as you were born and found yourself paying predatory loans from them? Nothing has changed my fren

Generally, in this kind of debate, its very important for Negroz to remember (acutely) that as a Kenyan, you could be supporting either US or China but its about which one of them gets to fukc .ke
Either way we get fukced