America and serial killers

What’s with America and its serial killing problem? Man that country is overun with faggots, serial killers, racist cops, foolish Karens etc…

Yesterday I was binging on serial killer documentaries and two caught my eye. Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez. These two were fucked up.

Ted Bundy used to kill young women in their early 20s dress them later and engaged in necrophiliac fantasies till they started decomposing or had started to be eaten by wild animals. You wonder what kind of sick twisted pyschotic human being he was. He killed about 30 women and ensured their bodies were never found. He had a fucked up life growing up. He was brought up believing his mother was his elder sister and his grandparents were his parents. It was even fucked up at the age of 14 when he stumbled upon his birth certificate which indicated that his ‘sister’ was actually his mother and the name of his father was missing making him believe he was an illegitimate child. They was also talk of him being a child from an incestous relationship between his mum and his grand father. Fucked up shit. He was executed by electrocution in 1989 at the age of 42.

Richard Ramirez used to kill people in Texas and later California. He would kill people for sport and would end up raping women and young girls. He had a twisted reasoning that he was killing for satan. He would show up in people’s houses in the dead of the night brutally killing them by shooting them on their heads from close range or beating them to death with blunt objects. At the age of 15 he was already sleeping with prostitutes. He would loot houses he attacked and sold the loot and either buy drugs or pay for sex workers. His cousin Miguel somehow put this warped idea that killing people was good. Miguel killed his wife with a bullet to the head in the presence of Ramirez. He also showed Ramirez pictures and videos he had of him decapitating and raping Vietnamese women when American soldiers were fighting the Vietcongs. The war had had a profounf effect on Miguel’s mental health and he (Miguel) started filling Ramirez with ideas to kill. He was arrested and detained. He died in 2013 while in jail from cancer at the age of 53.

America ina shida walai.

they just have a better system of investigation and human record keeping… in countries like Kenya, people go missing everyday enda mortury and ask for unidentified bodies- spoiler huzikwa in mass graves… serial killers can thrive in this shithole for decades and retire without anyone knowing

Serial killers are all around the globe man. Everywhere we have serial killers. The problem ni kuwa that of USA is being documented. Even in Kenya here we have many serial killers that media will not tell you. How many people go mysteriously in our country. Serial Killers are programmed.


nilisomanga mahali hawa wasee wako na dangerously low iq
ukienda kuwafanyia interview jela, hawashikanishi any

The soundtrack is stuck in my head

Wacha kushtuka kama mtu ya garden variety aiseh. Read on
-Elias Xitavhudzi-“The Pangaman" SA
-Hadj Mohammed Mesfewi, The Murderer of Marrakesh
-David Thabo Simelane, Swaziland
-The B1 Butcher ,Windhoek
-Raya and Sakina,Egypt
-Charles Quansah The Kumasi Strangler
-Moses Sithole -The Gauteng Killer

some of the killers on the list make US’s look like amateurs despite their prolificacy

Ongeza John Wayne na Ed Gaines…fucked up people.

US has a big problem, kama si mass shooters it’s serial killers. I was reading s story of a guy who was killing people, chopping them up and storing the parts in a freezer where he would cook the parts slowly and eat them. Alisema he used to avoid tattoed people coz the tattoo paint adds a weird flavor to flesh :D:D:D:D

Onyancha @Eng’iti alikuwa Huko keroka

Kenya unaweza kuwa serial killer mpaka uchoke ! ata wale wawili wali shikwa ilikuwa upuzi yao na bahati mbaya !

Naskia 90% of serial killers are white males.

It depends. low functioning psychopaths are low IQ and violent and are mostly caught easily.

High-functioning psychopaths are the high IQ you find in the business world, in sniper squads, and among politicians. They are ruthless, with no empathy or remorse.
Some high-IQ psychopaths are violent and kill but are very keen on hiding their evidence against the police. It takes the police around 10 years or more to figure out one and even in that case either the psychopath personally confessed or he was overconfident in his trade that he left minute evidence like getting caught by DNA evidence. Otherwise high IQ psychopaths run this world, the rules are not for them,

Read the book ‘SNAKES IN SUITS’

Thats the reality on the ground. Actually all of the serial killer documentaries I have watched, all of them are of white males. Blacks ni kama hawako kwa serial killing, wao ni drugs and gang violence!

Blacks wako kwa hiyo kitu tena wengi sana. Personally I can remember watching the DC snipers (blacks) and also the Alton Coleman-Debra Brow couple (blacks) which was the worst for me… the woman was finding small girls for her boyfriend to rape and kill. Nonetheless, like you said most blacks rack up kills in gang violence and it’s impossible to tell how many people a gangster kills in a year.

Blacks wanaeza kuwa wako sijarefute mimi. Nimesema tu documentaries zenye nimewatch serial killers ni wazungu. I bet you, serial killers wengi unajua ni wazungu pia.

The US has a better record keeping system that is well organized which can be easy to document. Also their criminal system is effective and that’s why they have the highest prison population cc: @Sidindi Bey

But serial killers like to take credit for the killing. They have a certain pattern of killing their victims hence their ID. Kenya i doubt mwili imepatwa kisumu na ingine imepatwa kitui can be linked to the same killer. Kule mayolo they can connect similarities and know they have a serial killer

How many’s peoples execution has been masterminded by Ruto or Museveni. Do you know that Mugabe masterminded a genocide?

Yeah. Wasee wa Truman Kapote.