America a shit hole country should learn how to handle public outcry like Kenya

So as Trump is just dragging his feet and politicizing this issue, all hell is breaking loose all over the country. He should borrow a leaf from the Kenyan government on how to handle outcry. I think we all remember how it was business as usual until Kenyan Keyboard warriors started decrying the arrival of planes from China. That’s when government took swift and decisive action from no less than the president himself as he immediately appointed a committee and ordered an isolation unit to be built in 7 days.

If this has happened in Kenya. All politicians would have arrived at Mr Floyd’s home and issued statements about how they would help the family,tangatanga MPs will point fingers at Kieleweke and Kieleweke would point out that the cop was from DPs office where he became a rogue before he killed Mr. Floyd, all involved would be sacked, arrested live on TV and arraigned in court on the same day as Johansen Oduor is recalled from leave. Kinoti would be hugging Floyd’s fiancee and giving press conference at the scene of crime with his CSI team talking about munder most foul with alot of emotion. Within 3 days, there would have been so many actions taken and so much drama that nobody would even riot or remember Floyd. As for Trump he is hiding in a bunker. A shit hole president indeed.