Amenyimwa Loan


Alipeleka hii sura ya huruma china akaambiwa tunakujua wewe mujamaa ni kigeugeu, utapewa pesa na utaongea mbaya



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Probably a blessing in disguise. Let him borrow from the West, they are more likely to follow-up on how the money is used


Very important for Nyeuthi to note:

That situation .ke is in, regarding China loans is exactly what the Chinese set out to achieve
e.g if the Chinese had looked and seen that SGR could easily pay for itself within a few years, they would not have funded it.

Its called debt trapping a country

Its how things work, and we can’t do shit about it.


Ferk konyagi tho’

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SGR passenger trains are always full. Same with cargo trains. Also the railway development levy charged on all imports raises 15B each yr towards payment of the reli. So the reli is paying for itself and importers are also helping to speed up the repayment process via the railway levy.

NB. You are the same people that were complaining that Kenya has never built even a single inch of reli since mkoloni and then Uhuru built 700km of new rail in just 3yrs and now you are still complaining. Kwani mnataka nini?





Ama walitaka ikifika Nakuru iende Eldoret badala ya Kisumu?

That is Kenya Kwanza’s plan. To bypass Kisumu and use Eldy malaba route

Tears of joy
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Mtu cannot just be parroting western points all over the world and then still expect to have connection with adversaries of the west. Hii president ni backward sana. He should stick to swindling wheelbarrow lovers thats what he knows to do best.


That 15B is far below yearly repayments, probably just about enough to pay interest on the loan.

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Kenyan should celebrate.

Chairman Xi give you loan, you work for us Chinese for 100 years. China need US dollar. It will be Kenyan duty to give China US dollar for the next 100 years.

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Then Not viable, acha wanyimwe.

Your head hit by a donkey? British built you railway for free, us Chinese we make you our slave with our railway. All US dollar kenya gets send to China. You celebrate us. You worship us. You fool?

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Infact in the 5yrs between 2013-2018 govt collected 95B in railway levy. Since the loan was 320B, it means the loan karibu tumalize kulipa assuming we have collected another 95B from 2019-2023 i.e 320-190 = 130B remaining. Next 10 yrs the loan will be repayed fully using railway levy alone unless KK divert the funds elsewhere.

The sgr loan has a tiny interest of 3.6%. Uhuru was a genius to get such a good deal and using the railway levy to pay for the sgr.

Stop exposing your ignorance. Data iko openly available kwa website ya treasury na central bank inasema kinyume ya chenye unapost.

Chairman Xi like them vulnerable and on the brink.

Akina Sri Lanka, Laos na Ethiopia are prime candidates for unsustainable debt, Xi knows very well they have no one else but China to turn to.

Now that you mention railway and celebration, mind sharing contact of young chinkoo soft meat? I wouldn’t mind railing one

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