Amekuwa mjanja


Was there 3 months ago, felt really sorry for wildlife…elephants had resorted to raiding homes for some water and any form of vegetation

ogopa Jezebel walai hii appetite Ruto ataiwekea fullstop

Wangechinja hizo vitu kabla zikufe watu wakule nyama alafu pembe tuuzie China tupunguze deni

How do elephants help us as a country?

He’s talking about wildlife, not the images that @rexxsimba posts here daily.

Just for You … :D:D




:D:D:D he posts sea lions, rhinos and hippos. Am yet to see an elephant. Rex kwani umekuwa mtumishi wa kws

I can understand the fear and anxiety of the Juvenile “Toothpick” Crowd in here when confronted by a BBBW …

BBBW’s are meals for Elders …




Admin needs to provide them with a Cartoon Section to keep them occupied … :D:D

Let me call my lawyer .

@sani good work leo hujaleta upuss ya UDAnganyifu


Huyu amepona kisonono juzi, but those boils on the butt cheek ( [SIZE=1]@cheekbusta[/SIZE] ) zimekataa kuisha

Over 70, good hustle