Amekata stima zote

He forgot kuridisha hiyo kitu chini and drove off.

Lorry za ditmann

Ako na bahati hakupigwa shock

Huyu nikama alikua dereva wa lorry za mchanga

Boys you joke alot

KPLC wauze hio lorry and recover all the time and money the owner has cost kenyans

I see Kenyans haven’t stopped clogging ditches with trash and wondering where all the stagnant water comes from. Bonobo ni bonobo tu, infrastructure goes to waste in their hands.

Mtu mwingine akiandika these same things umeandika tena unaanza kuzusha.

True. But I think this applies to most talkers.

So right!! Try driving on our new shiny highways and you’ll find slow-moving vehicles occupying all available lanes, and if you hoot at them, they think you are the bonobo :D!

Rear side mirrior error and going ahead to take off without making sure the bucket is fully retracted to its postion.