Ameingizwa Mitini Hivyo


Explain the video. Ni nini na ni kwa nini anashikwa. Is that a lodging or what

And kuingia mitini means dissappearing, yaani kuhepa na upoteh after noma. The title is misleading

some tangatanga buroga who got too big for his boots

What is happening here.

bwana makamas what is going on?

Buroga who ruffled some feathers

Mutemi Wa Kiama is not a Tanga Tanga Blogger but an independent Government critic… an intelligent one at that… I know him and I follow him too… he did tweets that tried to connect colonial collaborators to post colonial leadership and some scandals there in… favoritism within the collaborators etc… this must have been the cause of his arrest… Follow him on Twitter and Facebook and read


This is the tweet that got him visitors. Nchi iko na wenyewe.


We already know that the homeguards and collaborators own this country. As the Mau Mau died, lost their land and children couldn’t go to school, some fcker somewhere grabbed land and sent his kids to school and got them into the government in 1963- they fcked us up and their descendants continue the same .
Mau Mau families live in poverty and landless, uneducated while that homeguard family own millions of acres and live in Muthaiga. It’s late to revisit the issue after 57 years …we can only wait for Karma. If Kenyans had acted in 1963 we would have killed these collaborators.
Read “Matigari ma Njiruungi” by Ngugi wa Thiong’o and you will realize how much of a cursed nation we are; the White man still rules in Kenya and we are not yet independent.

Our is a cursed nation… We’ll suffer for long for this blunder that was made in 2013… Now they plan to sustain the hold on power till Jesus returns… That is the reason for BBBEYE

:D:D but that one looks like it came straight out of Ruto’s camp. Huyo ni blogger wa tanga tanga.

He makes a few flaws though, the key one being Mwai Kibaki who was the son of peasants Kibaki Gĩthĩnji and Teresia Wanjikũ and yet he ascended to presidency.

And mind you Kibaki was from Nyeri a Mau Mau zone so his making it in life is testament to his tenacity. Moi is also said to have been born to peasants. He was a herdsboy for most of his youth.

Flip that : One of the richest Kenyans in history was a Mau Mau : J.M Kariuki! J.M Kariuki was almost as wealthy as Kenyatta himself and yet he was a former Mau Mau. This blogger’s theory does not explain such anomalies.

Mama Ngina herself is said to be a former Mau Mau. A simple village girl who was later coerced into marrying a Mzee who had a small baby. Most girls would’ve refused.

Mama Ngina herself is said to be a former Mau Mau. A simple village girl who was later coerced into marrying a Mzee who had a small baby. Most girls would’ve refused.


Mufuate sheria

@Sovereign2 like I told you in the deleted thread. Uwesmake is untouchable. Cheza chini.

Bado unalia lia patco :D:Dmzee kama wewe unatoka machozi ukipewa mshale kwa nguruwe

Nguruwe pia iko na tusks.

Just because she is rich today it doesn’t mean she was born into money. And at the time she married Kenyatta, the old dude had a baby whose mother had died at child birth so Ngina was to take care of that baby. Mind you she was much younger and of course at that time marrying Kenyatta was like being asked to marry the leader of Mungiki in the year 2006 when Mungiki was at complete loggerheads with govt.

So she was in essence marrying the enemy of the state. It was like Winnie Mandela marrying the local enemy of the state and there are heavy consequences that accompany such a decision.

You cant call mama ngina a simple village girl when the dad was chief muhoho wa gatheca, and a senior chief if im not wrong.

Newspapers lie, books lie, men lie, women lie…this business of ngina being in detention is a lie, a big lie.