Ameachwa Kwa Mataa


Dodging a bullet Wadau.

Fwakin legend. this one.[ATTACH=full]467347[/ATTACH]

wueh…saved by the bell

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Saved himself from a future of raising another man’s kid.

Kunguru sasa aende atombane sagwasagwa. As for our brother, let that be a great eye opener on female nature.

Safi sana.

Na Ile pesa ya mchango atarudisha?

Huyu ni Truman Capote

my cancelled wedding bado inaniuma. you people don’t know the pain of sacrificing EVERYTHING for a girl only to be betrayed. Even her parents apologised to me

Omwani leta hekaya inaweza okoa moja ya hizi plantshen slaves kama @Yuletapeli.

Planteshen has good and bad sides. Heck everything has a problem, you just need to find a way to deal with it. That is where happiness comes from, constantly solving a problem.
To those that can find happiness in a partner, then by God, do it. Find someone, marry her, put up with her.

File for damages.

Find solace in the fact that the embarrassment & pain you endured would have been worse if you’d gone thru with the wedding. Hapo uliponea chupu chupu mzee, hasara ingekuwa kubwa sana mbeleni.

Wedding fanya ukifika 50 na bibi akiwa 40 na watoto tatu wote over 15years

Lobola is on the way back to the grooms family

Planteshen is the best place to be as a man.


Huyo jamaa apewe beer on my bill

In my opinion, men usually spot red flags early on in the relationship but huyo jamaa maybe alijiambia he will eventually transform her wayward behaviours.

Then a friend or two also noticed things aren’t right and advised the man to cease the relationship but mwanaume akakataa advice.