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Kijana amepandwa leo pale #Ruiru, then happened to get his eulogy and was soo interested in that part, cause of his death: He met his death on 10th September 2018. Nothing more nothing less! Vijana, mu-hustle, kuleni kilicho chenu and no one will follow you: wachana na mali ya watu, stop killing innocent people, stop raping women etc…mkikataa kufwata haya masharti, #Wembe_Ni_Ule_Ule, na hatutachoka kuua wezi! So the choice is yours

Our useless D- materials are quick to kill young criminals but follow due process in arresting the rogue cops who supply them with guns. Mbona webe usikue ure ure?

Flying Squad Detectives yesterday arrested eleven suspects among them four Police officers namely No. 88882 PC Arthur Murithi of Directorate of Criminal Investigations attached at Molo, No. 113243 Police constable Moses Ouma Nyamanga of Mau Summit Police Station, Administrations Police Constable Ezekiel Kipkoskei of Kuresoi North AP camp and No.225655 APC(Driver) Felix Korir of Administration Police Service attached at Kamara Divisional Headquarters for the offence of robbery.
The nine were arrested following a robbery which occurred at Olenguone on 14/09/2018 during which the robbers dropped the magazine of a Jericho pistol with fifteen rounds of ammunitions. One of the officers arrested was found with a pistol without a magazine which is suspected to be the one found at the scene of crime.
The other civilian suspects arrested are:-
Mr. Patrick Kimani Ndungu
Mr. Cosmas Kipkurui Koech
Mr.John Muthama Gathecha
Mr. Douglas Kiplangat Kirui
Mr. Samuel Gagiri Nderitu
Mr.Benard Kipkorir Cheruyiot
Mr.Geoffrey Cheruyiot Terer
The Flying Squad Detectives are still in pursuit of other suspects connected with the robbery.


What a short life, married at 18, became a father at 20 and died at 21

Very sad

The art of domesticating pu$$y cat at an early age.

Yeap, seem things happens when they go to arrest those who are killing us in an industrial scale through corruption.

Sad? If these gangsters meet you, they will show no mercy.

what a life! lived, worked, and died at a dumpsite. yet this unfortunate son of the slum had to be shot dead else he would have some day shot you dead as you drive into your compound. that is after shooting several policemen dead. hardcore thugs eventually turn into matheris and shimolis as they enter 30s and 40s where they become older, wiser, and more cunning. yes, the only reason you can drive home in nairobi and park is because of the brutal repression aspiring gangsters encounter. otherwise, with all the kleptomaniac attitude kenyans have, it would be anarchy. just watch people stealing from overturned transport vehicles. the society must clean the mess it makes.
steal all money and destroy all systems so that eventually you can only massacre this type ndio uishi na amani. sadly, the destroyers of the systems are put into power by this lower cadre crowd. the world is merciless. it doesnt forgive.

eti drive safely? watu wa middle class mnakuaga aje? you think you are entitled to drive safely but vijana wanafaa kukula shida uko kwa dumpsite? ao mavijana you have destroyed their country, their future. watawaua, wakidnap watoto wenu. u kill 1 youth they kill 3 middle class people. hakuna mtu ako na rights kupita mwengine. ata oa askari wanaua ao vijana, they still die like dogs after living a dogs live, si siri

I totally understand your frustration…But the middle class is already doing enough for everyone else in this country…they are paying your fees (Which you refuse to utilise) and other services for all kenyans, paying for all basic infrastructure which will now include houses and the best you can do is to rob, maim and kill them? Try rob the one percent rich kenyans…the ones who are stealing your livelihoods away…the ones who are making life unbearable for you…the middle class haven’t done anything wrong…if you finish them your socialist dream will die…the one you all dream about while chewing miraa as you listen to reggae.

which side are you? these so called thugs are just lazy roaches ,they even terrorise peasants wenzao,seems hujawahi ibiwa your old infinix and wallet with only 50 bob,inauma sana,wacha waende.

how did “middle class” destroy the country?

James Makonde tings.

ION, si munasemanga Wasapere hawazai? Angalia hiyo lineup ya hiyo familia…

the fool didn’t bother going past primary school. He was always going to be a nuisance to society. There are many poor people who make an honest living, he is not a victim.

Wachana na Jirani na kiherehere yake…

Kwanza some of these thugs ni mafala sana, while in the process of stealing wakipata ukona mulika mwizi wanakutandika as if its your duty to walk around with an iphone for them to steal.

Gathee, alikuwa anaitwa SIMON, sio James.

Now, get back to those Different Strokes re-runs.:D:D

Dementia na gravity siyo mchezo…

Was he among the big 5 kwa dump site?

Wapewe mbegu!