Which governor started this shiet? Does it mean governors cant reason differently? Not to hate but why did each gorvernor buy ambulances? Dont we ever have original ideas? We africans are stupid.

Am African but not as stupid as you think all of us are.Get your head out of your generazation ass because it stinks. Can you be rational and logical as an independent mind.chieth

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I included myself there. Cant you just wank your uncut manhood without projecting whatever shit you didnt get from your dad you mwanaharamu?

It’s called devolution my brother. When the striking doctors proposed formation of a national ambulance service complete with air ambulances way back, most Kenyans were at best ambivalent towards the proposal. Sasa ni wakati wetu kuvuna tulichopanda.

See how demented you are.

What’s so wrong with buying ambulances if I may ask? And car grants for MCAs?

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count me out

Speak for yourself, what else annoys you…roads?

Just like you are.

The county government has greated jobs at the expense of taxpayers…