Amboseli lane

Who has ever visited this exclusive club with a massage n brothel place in Amboseli lane Lavington, last time i visited kulikuwa na so many
hot lanyes - over 25 in total, both foreign and local, they walk around semi-naked, if you want to fuck one, you pay 3k inclusive of a room, a posh room almost like a 5 star hotel room, they give a massage too for the same cost.

It’s also a club so if you just want to go osha macho you can buy a beer and enjoy.

The problem is that you have to be driving, they don’t open the gate for people on “footsubishi”.

no sweat smelling peasants allowed


lete mbisha…kumbaff

@pamba na @incognitus ni life members huko

Na Je ukiwa Na mkokoteni/ nduthi utafunguliwa mlango ? ASKING FOR A FRIEND

Leta lokeshen… Conea imechafuka…

Been there several times. Kusafisha macho na maboys. Another rule, you cannot come with a lady, mnarudishwa mara io io. What’s with men kuvutana na madem place exclusive ya maboys kaa hii.

Ni chairmen wa Stag parties huko

Umesahau @okiya na meff that VIP place is called white house.

Ni wapi huko aiise

Karibu na maendeleo ya wanawake lavington offices

Tafuta amboseli,amboseli lane ,amboseli close enda hadi the only white gate .

Usiwapatie lokeshen hadharani, we will be infiltrated

Bucket list

Beste yangu alikuwa na stag huko, too much cat in there @FieldMarshal CouchP birthday yako ni lini? @introvert beba jumper cables za v8 incase pacemaker ikatae job:D:D:D:D…

rudi uje na sketch meffi
and not

207 club. Google that shit.

Hio place iko faya.