Amboseli lane club 207

Ii place bado inaexist

Yea it does

Kuna madam hapa nilimtomba mpaka miguu zangu zikaiisha nguvu.

What are the rates on average?

Above average, it was 4k.

Used to be 3k now it’s 4k

Go the one opposite green house ngong road the ladies are not that bad and it’s cheaper

wapi hapo? Near that hospital?

Was closed!!

yeah. . that one was closed

Trashy place

Never set foot there since December 2018. I think i is time to give my hekaya about that place

Andika hekaya ama unataka kubembelezwa

Nasikia wali renovate the place that’s why the girls are now charging 4k from 3k… With this economy!

Why that expensive. 2018 ilikuwa 3k per hr

It’s 8k

I have been waiting patiently… Please proceed.

Ebu tuambie

After renovations even the price of beer has gone up to 300-350/- when it used to be 250/-

I guess i wont be back there again. They had good stuff. Food n drinks were reasonable with ambient atmosphere