Amazon Prime Day

Amazon prime day is around the corner. Last time amazon got to shortchage me on a 10K item. It ran out of stock during prime day and then they convinced me to order it out of prime day at a higher price and they would refund me the difference. When I sought a refund of the difference… they told me to go drying. I protested a bit and they started giving me subtle threats so I gave up. Needless to say I had spent close to 140K on various items - that didn’t count. Nataka kununua vitu but I am a bit bitter and I honestly feel like I need to taken revenge in some way.

So anyone excited? Any tips? Do you shop on prime day? Are you a prime member?

Lakini kusema ukweli Amazon huwa na ufala sana. When I sent them screenshots of the conversations that had convinced me to buy the item out of prime day. They simply said they will fire the customer-care agent who had assured me of the refund. Ati it is against policy.

So they would rather fire one of their own instead of giving me my refund? Hii kitu huniuma sana hadi leo. In fact I will just skip this Prime Day entirely.

Hack them and make them lose millions if it will make you feel better.

Why only shop on prime day? I shop on Amazon all the time.

I also do shop all through the year but I spend more on prime day

You should have posted on twitter and tag some heavy weight influencers and some journos.

do you also write reviews after purchase? that’s where their main problem is after a refund or when you return their products. They never take negative criticism lightly ! they were even once accused of fake reviews just like facebook and their bots

How do you guys ship from Amazon?

One customer-care agent tells you they will fire another customer-care agent … ulibebwa ujinga jamaa.