Amazon binging weekend

with amazon having released two of my most anticipated series of the year “the expanse” and “the grand tour” i am in for a great weekend sasa nangojea tu Lost in space.

Have you seen The Boys? It’s their best show

i have an amazon prime subscription so yes I have seen the boys but my tastes are different for me I can say the best amazon show is the grand tour followed by the expanse.

Yeah I guess it’s not for everyone, there’s also carvinal row which has a moody 18th century vibe mixed with fantasy.

Has this show got any better? I watched the first three episodes and it looked bad.

It’s good if you’re fine with cliché romances, it borrows heavily from game of thrones including some cunning power hungry characters, the murder mystery is the best thing about it though and has surprising twists

carnival row is netflix and it left me in a cliffhanger