Amazing Possibilities

I see amazing possibilities here … :rofl: :joy:

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Hii ndio itaamsha dry clit ya kapanty na ipate lubrikeshen



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Ah, what orifice in your body will she insert it?


Your Young Mind resides in the Gutter …
I see an application for properly attacking an Ice cream Cone … :blush:


Take away that tongue. It’s tempting me to start writing erotica, and I hate being dared.

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Hehe yet this post is in the sex and relationship category

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And correctly so …
Has nothing ever been done to you with an Ice Cube or Ice Cream … ??:joy::rofl::fire:

As a fine Lady acquaintance of mine always keeps telling me …
" … I double dare you …!!" :joy::rofl:

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wewe jibu swali

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Those with Ears will Hear …
Those with Eyes will See …
Those with neither will Chill … :rofl::joy: