This is quite a decent place to hit a lanye. The lanyes here are just like any other lanyes, but at least they are a bit decent and not khat-chewing like some dingy downtown girls. At Amar, you’ll find very presentable beautiful women, though most seem to be above 30 years old. But the variety is good, thick ones, slender ones, brown ones, dark ones, tall ones…short ones, and pumpums wako sawa kabisa. Damages are about Kshs. 500/Shot, room 200 but the lanyes out of 3, one is seriously bangable.
I love them fat, brown and babyish faced. They must first rub my d"@*K on their breasts before nianze kazi. I usually end up tipping them, especially if am given a clean non smelly pussy during bendover and she doesnt smell shit. Nothing beats a clean mouth, clean vagina and clean asshole in a whole. Condom lazma, even during BJ, CONDOM LAZMA. I once found a tall brown chic who gave me the sweetest coochie ill never foget. We ended up having 2 shots, and that girl had the hottest, wettest and the tightest vagina i have ever tasted. Eventually, i ended up paying her 1k and tipping her 1500 for the work well done.
Amar is a good place to buy pudesh. Approved.

Saa ngapi ulienda huko?

Anytime fro

[quote=“maynah, post:2, topic:304028”]

Saa ngapi ulienda huko?

Anytime am done with my shugli i can pass by there, as early as 11 mali ni safi[/QUOTE]

judging from your name, do you have military or paramilitary experience?.Are you family?

Lazima umerarua Anita the ASSmatic brown mama

hehe how do you tip a lanye 1500? surely

Kuna mkamba inaitwa Lucy Mutheu huko.,… ni tamu sana

Hehee, 1,500/- kama nimeamua iende pia labda nichange location nikamue mwingine



That’s means 9 lanyes didn’t get paid because of one

Wachana na umaraya kijana mjinga

I don’t bother to remember their faces or names…I try to erase their memories from my head immediately we start climbing up the stairs. Except for a very few outstanding ones, the others I’d careless remember their faces.


marketing gimmick. Hatutombi smelly lanyes. Heshimu dada za @Azor Ahai Njeri

I hated the place because the hoes wako kwa club mixed with other patrons so it’s hard for beginners to select the lanye you want.

Yeye ni mtu ya action movie

Is she clean?

1500 for a tip?? Unaharibu soko

Enjoying yourself in the gutter? Fcking high turnover lanyes in dingy places. You still have a long way to go you juvenile.