Amani is now Born-again!!!

Praise to Jesus

Hii tuliona. Good for her.
However internet will never forget vile alitusaficha masho.

religion is a money minting machine.her song genre became irrelevant and out of style/time,she lacked content,went undergroung,SHE became irrelevant while there she found JC and now she will make a comeback with more lucrative prospects.its all good tho

Welcome to the fold.

Wengine walirusha mateke na hawasumbui!

Crap… Jon aka Hyperz na Dru bado wanakamua yeye

Nameless lazima alikamua hii nyoka.

hii condtion ilikua diagnozed na mhenga hapa kitambo


Every old hoe always ends up in church.


Praise the LORD!

Hii dunia sanaa kibao yaani!

Leta evidence kama hauna nyamaza

Good for her, looks like she is right on time. According to Dr.Owuor, the rapture is going to happen anytime now and the stairs that will only be stepped on by those living a holy life and worth of going back home with Jesus are already in the clouds.

Ati Dr. Owuor? Really?


AY alitap vitu akajipa shugli nilifikiria ataoa yeye…

Yes, the one who is a mighty prophet of the lord. There is a video on YouTube showing a 6-step staircase in the clouds:

No only that, there is another doing rounds on WhatsUp(among his flock, of course) that shows him being transfigured. At he is Elijah and there is a partially visible Moses who is being captured behind him in cameras while he is on the podium preaching. I have friends from that church who keep telling me the church will be raptured soon, and that their prophet(Elijah) and his fellow(Moses) will be left behind to preach to the Israelites during what they call the tribulation. It seems even this Mzungu believes he is Elijah:

Wewe utawachwa tu…:smiley:

:smiley: You broke a promise you made to me some time back. Will inform Owour about it

Wacha wewe Ice Cube, I am still your cupcake.:wink:

Perfect will put some cream on that cupcake for good measure :wink: