Besides alcohol and sex, ni njia gani zingine gentleman anaweza kurudishia mwili shukrani? Am tired of sex and alcohol!

i think travelling ama kuingia gym atleast ukuwe busy

I think it depends partly with your personality. If you are confident and outgoing, there are very many things to do. If you are shy and reserved, utajipata tu kwa pombe.

Naonanga watu wakisema wanaenda massage. Maybe you should try it, though najua mwisho yake probably utauziwa kuma tuu na hao wasichana. You can also try swimming or cheki maneno.

Wengi wenu mnajigamba mumeacha pombe kumbe mnafuruta ma sigara

I don’t smoke sir

homosexual mkuu tulia

True sir, massage equals sex

Respect your fellow elders!

Try travelling, hiking. You’ll kill two birds with one stone


What I know is kama umekuwa mlevi na immoral for over 5 years it is very hard kuacha, hapa tu achia fate. Wale wanasema travelling utafika a new place na the first thing to come to mind ni base za lanye wa huko

Martial arts im learning Krav Maga nyumbani mos mos…ni ngori but fun…sina tu msee wa kuspar.
Na pia unaweza fikiri you need something physical…and what you need is mental or spiritual…learn new stuff…i started Catechism classes last month and im so glad i didnt do them before…im wiser now and it makes more sense and its just fulfilling…naskia raha moyoni…its the best investment ever.
But ni poa kuskia your yearning for something more…whether its vice or virtue.
Good luck in your quest…hope you find something.

You need to supply us with the following information in order to enable us offer an informed advise.

  1. Do you have enough money for alternative forms of self gratification?
  2. What standard of alcohol and sex have you been indulging in the past?
  3. What is the level of your formal education?
  4. What is your social status currently and what type of friends do you associate with?
  5. How old are you and are you married or single?
  6. Do you have any medical conditions?
  7. What are your fears in life such as heights, debts, depths, water, speed, etc
  8. Have you ever been a member of any cult in the past or currently?
  9. How far have you traveled within and outside your territorial boundaries?
  10. Have you in the past used any of the known narcotics?

With this information I will be able to offer you the best alternative entertainment.

Wah…when all the guy can simply do is maybe volunteer kwa an Orphanage or school or hospital asaidiane from the bottom of his heart…na apate fulfilment beyond his wildest dreams.
Lets make life simpler bana.

Hit the gym

Ati tired of sex?? Kwani uko na miaka ngapi? You probably have a hormonal issue

wewe ni depression inakusumbua, kwani huna watoto na familia?

You sound bitter about them quitting alcohol :smiley:

you can screw this homosexual & @gashwin

My friend always aim for self improvement and that’s the greatest joy you will ever have in life. Travel more, read, do exercises ( greatest gift you can give yourself is your body) and do all the things that you love doing. Anza na kutengeza bucket list it’s a starting point.