Am smoking them out.

You remember those old wazees who lead a mutiny and formed their own slums. Saa hii wameanza kukunj[ATTACH=full]277529[/ATTACH]a mkia na kurudi moss.
Huko is colder than Siberia. Content ni nil.
Saa hii wanarudi na handle mpya ndio wasijulikane.
You thought leaving kijiji will sink. Lakini tuko ngangari. Imara kuliko pilsner.

Unless you have a share in ktalk or klist, never take them seriously.Wenye kuja na kuenda is none of my fuckin business. Both of them in my eyes seem bottomless pits full of shiits…:meffi::meffi:

Kapumpum unakulia krisi wapi?

This is v rich coming from you. Why can you not be consistent for once? You ran there ASAP and even started mentioning Mrs Shosho at the slightest opp despite me saying I am not boarding the new kijiji?
Why are you on both shit forums? tuanzie hapo?

You need washroom once in a while…

Kumbe umewaona huyo @Superman wa Nairofi ni ile umbwa ghassia nattydread . @gashwin SAA hii anatumia ile handle yake ya @poyoloko .


Then do not whinge. It is hypocritical.

Hauwezi kaa room moja na Deorro. Personally I prefer keeping a distance of at least 2 counties.


Hehehehe…Gashwin cannot be that poyoloko thing…

That man is vvvvvv dangerous. I heard he is the one that dished my number to unwanted folk. Besides I knew too late that he raided my inbox…

Unakuja kulialia hapa na ulikua umepeleka kiherher huko

How did you know that he was mentioning you in that Kijiji?

I pop in to read when I can.

Naishi kwa shosh head bila rent…hallucinating with my name/handle…never mentioned her anywhere klist

Heheheh @Wanaruona , are they the ones who crashed a Peugeot 504 in here?

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Please kaa vizuri , that head is tiny and your elbow is on my face.

:D:D:D… you are almost hitting below the belt…

@gashwin ni umbwa