Am shocked


So Mrs Shosho a.k.a @Finest wine is a Turkana from Lodwar.I bet amechapa ka shiit


Wachana na yeye. He/she missed my point by a million miles and is now making himself/herself a laughing stock.

so vile ole lenku ni gavana wangu that automatically makes me maasai sindio…

Omba coomer polepole

Hapo moody awori amejichenga…boss futa hii thread to reduce further embarrassment!

Finest Wine nioshe rungu;):wink: sichaguangi kabila

Unless @Finest wine reports this exclusive exposee thread to the admin, am not deleting

I am not in the business of reporting threads to Mods/Admin. Wacha ikae hapa so that you look like the fool you are.
You have been on my case for yonks but I gorra tell you, you ain’t going nowhere with it.

@uwesmake habari ya leo?