Am looking for this gadget

I need about 12pcs ,any leads and cost ?

Intercom, I can get somn

Enda ebay ama utafute alternative alibaba

Those are deep waters you are intending to get into $$ wise. Uko na call manager yake?

Hutakosa alternative pale CTC luthuli

It can work with Asterisk .

With the right amount of tweaking it probably can. Question is, does he have the expertise. There could be cheaper, easier to use alternatives. Anyway, anajijua.

For all Cisco equipment enda kwa website yao and seek out an authorized dealer in your region. In kenya I know one ni Dimention DATA LTD, However there are othewr too. Find out their prices and purchase. A company I Know bought 800 pieces of that device that way sooo achana na underhand devices. Seek AUTHORIZED DEALER

These 79xx models are end of life, you’ll be lucky to find partners selling them. Hizi labda refurbished from kampuni zime upgrade to newer models.