Am Looking for Good Horror Movies.

I would like someone to recommend good horror movies. Exorcisms, haunting, occult, etc. Not mad-man-with-axe type.

The last good horror film I watched was The Haunting in Connecticut. The first one.

Just find a way of putting Nef and Wakanyanya in the same room.


If you have watched ‘The ring’, then we’ll and good but if not, please try it.I love horrors but this one literally made me scared to watch it alone!

Tell @Chloe to record her fingers for 1.5hrs


jibambe na ‘saw’

I think zimeendelea since the last time I sneak previewed at ‘saw 6’


Drag Me to Hell.


Watched. Good one.

I dislike saw movies. Has more gore than scare.


Added to list. Thank you.

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… Paranormal Activity 5 - Ghost Dimension

since l watch so many behind the scene videos am not scared…lakini the possesion niliwatch nikiwa maji kwa giza nikaogopa kiasi :smiley:

any movie with a evil kid scares

Crimson Peak- 2015.
[SIZE=3]thank me mush rater[/SIZE]

I hate horror If watch them am bound to have crazy nightmares.

Woah… just watched the trailer. It looks great!

Here’s another that looks interesting.

Am no fun of horror Movies, I don’t even know how people watch them.

Used to like them,alot, hills have eyes 2 and the prey, just loved them ,halafu siku za ma tapes used to like, the serpent liar, American ware wolf in Paris,the faculty etc,check creepy show or something like that

Dark floors

Insidious chapter 1, 2 & 3

pris post old-ish movies too [SIZE=4]… currently watching Independence Day (1996)[/SIZE]

… stuff atleast 25 years old at most? … if you have something good thats atleast 30 years, pris post it too

Rambo series,
Rocky series,
Full Metal Jacket
Pulp Fiction,
Planet of the Apes,
Reservoir Dogs,
Stand by Me,
Road To Perdition,
The Pianist,
Schindler’s List,
Lion King.

Exorcism of molly,final destination,nightmare on elm street,Friday the first thirteenth, Freddy versus Jason,I know what you did last summer, crazies,evil dead and 1 and, 2. Return of the living dead, my name is khali(this is an Indian horror)