Am looking for an investor

Hello guys I have a functioning app similar to
Glovo or Uber eats and my target market is either kisumu (main target) or eldoret.

Huku online mimi ni mbillionaire but sasa sina a good money to kick start the biz
Staff hiring
And other necessities

For Technical work I have finalized ( even hosting the necessary APIs ) and I can handle when need arises

Just start.

You can do it…start small…but vile @Shiesty amesema…start.

If it were you unaweza unaanZa aje
Please enlighten me
bearing in mind starting capital minimum can be 1M

Guys here’s someone asking for help to build a business. Let’s come to his assistance and see how this goes.

Before we go to the money bit, help the elders here understand the following so they can know how and when to come in:
i. Have you already done a market analysis to quantify demand for such a service in the aforementioned target markets? This will inform your Go/No Go decision.
ii. Do you have a business strategy in place detailing your target clientele and a marketing strategy on how to reach the clients?
iii. What are your financial projections so elders can take a deep look at them and advise accordingly?
iv. Let elders know the kind of financing that you need - debt, equity (shareholding), free cash, etc.

Entrepreneurship is great, but consider, too, what other elders who have been there and done it will say here below.

Seems like you got stuck when you realised that the capital will be Ksh. 1m. Some cost more and still fail, so ondoa metal block ya 1m. Sometimes the very thing you’re looking for is right there where you are. Ordinarily the biz I do would have required capital ya like Ksh. 1.5m, but started with just 6k and a laptop. Marketing budget was nil, I used the social media and it worked. You might be an App developer, but starting point ya hassle huwa developing the mindset of a marketer.

My experience na biashara kama hizi ni kama hauna serious capital ,hakuna mahali unaenda .It’s very hard to bootstrap them .There are just too many moving and interconnected parts to work on a shoestring budget .Let him continue looking for investors hatakosa mmoja

Sure I will plan and see how it will go

I have done a bit of research in Kisumu and realize there is no such services
In fact even Glovo is only operating with Nairobi county
So offering this kind of service in kisumu there won’t be a stiff competition. Again you know the lakeside people love luxury. So if it’s introduced they will welcome it wholeheartedly, if proper marketing is done. The key thing here is marketing.

On investment am looking for equity. You know this is a startup so we will need many ideas.

A capital of above 1M for a good start

Umeamusha my sleeping idea, though not similar

Share it to the elders am sure you will get some good advice

Akili ya wazee imechoka ama? Anyway inakuja kwa Thread yake solo

Sasawa jahome

Before I go through the comments, my question as an invester would be: how will your project make me some $

I think you need to lay down a proper proposal if you are serious. Do you have a business plan? What have you done so far, how much have you invested?
I am not sure how you expect to get investors when all you say is that you have an app and need 1 million. How did you get to that figure?

It was a casual inquiry from there …I know nobody can commit himself without a business plans and a good proposal
I above stated that I have done the technical part involving
App hosting ( VPS )
Paid for some google APIs
Technical work and Time

That’s just a summary costing 100k

Mainly from sales commissions
And advertising

Tafuta transport you are good to go

Since you mentioned glovo, I will assume its a food delivery app. First launch it on the play store. Look for someone important to shout you out on launch day.
Second start receiving orders and deliver them yourself. Get two boda bodas to start riding. Ivyo pole pole bila kusahau kumarket.
Ukiandika bisiness plan,you will be wasting your time all everyone wants to know is if you are making money.
I believe you have an edge, which is the tech you created. So maximize and build yourself with that being key, most importantly -START!

if app is ready just start kidogo…