Am I being conned?

Saidieni hapa wadau.

Someone trying sell me this piece of land through a broker, who I know and trust…but shida ni authenticity ya hii land.

Who knows this area? Is it legit?


what are we supposed to consider here b4 advising you? You have given no information why you are suspicious

Posted all documents. Waiting for approval from admin

resident conman alienda rwanda. sijui kama alirudingi

Which area ?

Get a lawyer and also do your own due diligence… otherwise utalala mteja. Anything with a share certificate is no go zone.

kuna moja niliachiwa some months back,imekua under cert for almost 23 years pale kamulu.Sijui ka wenyewe main shamba walidedi tho nikiuliza lawyer attatched to it anasema mambo iko shwari wenyewe hawana noma. My question,nikidecide kuindonyo ama nijenge nyumba kumi hapo,nitakua nimejikosea?

niko na acre tano Karen , leta doo nikupatie half acre bei ya jioni

If you write half-baked questions you’ll get half-baked, unpalatable feedback. Which area? What’s the deal? Size of land? Comprende ese?

Conmen wako wengi Kenya hii

Kamulu is in machakos county uko the land office ni moto ya kuotea mbali… in 2018 I almost lost a share certificate plot i bought in 2010… someone had gotten the title for same plot in 2015 and I found out 2018 when he came to fence.
Before you do anything Get a lawyer who will do a search and apply for the green card… the green card basically shows the history of land transfer/ownership.

Ngapi? bukusu hizi zako zinaka maguta maguta :D:D

hii deal ni ya boyz wa nyumbani @Tom Bayeye pekee

Does the green card grant me “immunity”? Can i develop or sell once obtained? Thanks

Tuulize sisi tunapambana na Embakasi Ranching. Aki ya nani. I have seen a woman go nuts and another woman and her daughters collapse when they are told their share cert is null and void

Not necessarily but it cautions from fraudsters who acquire fake titles… you still need to push for the title.