Am I a Prophet of Doom? Treasury considering revising downwards KRA collection targets.

Treasury considering revising downwards KRA collection targets. Treasury will also seek to cut 2019/20 budget by Ksh 131B

CS Ukur Yatani met Budget Committee seeking support Ukur: Government needs to look at areas to cut spending #FridayNight






That’s a small fraction…I see no problem

Niko Uganda as we speak. fucked!! Big time.

I can only see arrests of University student rioters… anything else?

Lakini spending is already too high. Kenya we are in a typical poor mans situation where after earning 10000 bob,spends 8000 on chips guarana beer and women then expects to pay rent healthcare, schoolfees, and other basic needs with the remaining 2000. This only ends up in him borrowing perrenially to cover the shortfall… Why cant we learn to manage wisely the little we have? We need to cut down on salaries, exorbitant spending, allowances, and get down to work for better pay. if i was the prezzo with all his wealth i would forfeit my salary as its a drop in the ocean compared to what my businesses generate. Let mps earn 200k maximum tutaona srrious guys with ideas there not money hungry pigs like the crop we have now. Let them understand that over taxing businesses only chases away investors kills small businesses and eventually stifles the economy. Just to manage to rake in enough money to pay their salaries, cater for their insatiable thirst for corrupt gains, and satisfy their gluttonous pig like appetites they forget they are killing the economy by overburdening the common mwananchi with loans and taxes
But a fat stupid pig like @Motokubwa wont see sense in this anyway, you will see him in dagoretti with his once white overcoat now a pale yellow and brown shouting riwe riwaro! While munching on a piece of cows anus stuffed with shredded cow dick and mammaries which he sells to fellow peasants while advising them why uncle dp loot all shall use kimbo and it shall be a better experience instead of arimis which konyagi 1 used to shaft their poor behinds like an electric drill
Hopeless Kenya Republic

Baba, kuja utombe ukijisikia. Huku pombe, kuma, gari, chakula na shamba ni cheap(what else can a man need?). Pombe ni 100, kuma ni 500(usiku mzima)), gari(harrier) ni 300k, chakula(kuku ugali or samaki ugali) ni 150, shamba ni 200k per acre( hapo umegongwa). Can life get better than this?

Send your messenger my way with what you is smoking.

If what you are saying is true then we are led by blatant crooks and thieves. Infact thatsvthe main reason kina uganda and tz laugh at us. They might be poor yes, but they manage the little they have

Jubilee likes to toss around figures for PR purpose. A Budget is totally different from actual govt expenditure. With the amount of pending bills one can see the state of the economy.

Jubilee a Kenyan curse

Na bado. PAYE soon to hit 40%

@poyoloko kenya public wage bill including that of national and county governments stand at about 700 billion, that’s nearly 50% of tax revenue in kenya.
The other part of the revenue, well ends up in pockets of few individuals

Why am I happy that condoms zimeisha???!!!

This is not true bana. Kwanza huko hamkuli ugali. Harrier uko ni 300k a month rental.

Mbwa, are you here? Is you me? Is me you? Mimi Niko ground wewe uko wherever you are. I am telling you what is on the ground, you are telling me what you think. Tombwa na Uhuru and his minions pole pole.

Kenia is proving to be an increasingly rich man’s country. Na bado! Nimetoka club mapema leo because i could not fathom why nauziwa a 350ml beer at a freaking 300/- per bottle. Yaani 4 beers na 1200/- imeenda hivo! Na ata sijalewo. The fak is going on in this goddamnd shithole! Hii pombe nimewacha ata.

Na bado hatujahesabu rent na kplc tokens where 1000/- can barely sustain 10 days of lighting. I swear sisi wakenya ni watu pumbavu sana. Na things are gonna get worse in 2020.

Ndugu, with 1200 in Uganda, utakunywa watu wafikirie umewekewa mchele. For perspective, 1200 is 12 beers of your choice. If you decide to go for an equivalent in Balozi or Summit, that comes in at 15+ beers. Tafakari.