Am here to learn uwanja ni wenu

I have a few coins lying around and was thinking of starting a hardware business. My focus to be on retail electrical supplies (sockets, switches, bulb holders, door bells, CCTVs etc). Am still on the research phase that’s why am asking for your input mostly:
a) Margins in this business
b) Opportunities and Threats
c) Winning the market
d) Capital
e) Any other advice

I tried to access wazua to see whether I can get info but that site is dead or something. I believe I have good location. Another talker has also promised to take me for reconnaissance but the more the advice the better


Offer both original and immitation products. Put a higher margin on the immitation compared to the original. Always ensure the customer knows which is which.

Do site visits to try to meet the owners of projects and / or sub contractors. Offer a nduthi delivery service at low or zero cost depending on order size.
Finally when you grow, go for the jugular, service engineers who advice clients

Okiyasi utanipea kazi ya kuendesha FSR ya kuendeaga mzigo?

be the cheapest in town

i know you’ve heard of HIKvision ? that’ll be your largest competitor in the cctv market as last week I saw them at the workplace installing some types of cctv ive never heard of. one was called “fisheye” as it captures 360 degrees after being mounted on the roof; amazing stuff.
the others are owkay and there is also one that I want you to add up there. Safe installation. wall safes, gun safes, free standing floor safes etc of all sizes and let ur target market be all households sio birionairey pekee; fantastic returns.

Write your reply…
After sale service will come in handy, the location also matters alot

Thanks for that. Point noted

I haven’t heard of HIK vision. do they target big corporates only? My focus is on homes

If you need any counterfeit goods I’m here. Hata vioo one way which fades after one year, sockets, simiti za kuiba site, chuma, electricals, everything. Fundi over quotes such that socket kumi zikukuja site tano ni zake. Mwaka limited company (mwaniki&kamau)


Three green emojis. Wewe utashikwa ne polisi

Simiti na chuma unauza mangapi, are they still fake. How do they reach the site before being trailed by akina @pamba


            Simiti na chuma ni original,  1bag@ 500.chuma nayo ina deepened na gauge, hizo tunapimanga na macho if they're worth 100k unaleta 70 ama 65 fiashara ya kuisha. We don't involve akina pamba, they are very cunning. If it happens u just oil their palms.

So you are confirming you are not a @suspect but a omwisi.
@pamba naona hakuna ata haja ya kutafuta evidence self confessed and confused mwisi ako hapa kazi kwako.

Inaitwa fiashara…it’s a multi million cartel, pamba hatoshi mboga

Anika bei ya chuma hapa y-16, 12, 10,10

This are no longer in use.

We’ve got no fixed price juu si hardware, normal hardware price unakata 100 to 70 depending on the gauge… Then tunamwaga material kwa site yako usiku… If you are serious twende inbox