Am extremely scared


100% true

Niaje kales master

Tafuta hela kama Trump ukuwe unaoa for a few years and move on to the next one but rear the kids. There was one ex-wife of his (in the 90s) who was very ambitious taking over his casinos and Trump doesn’t like being bossed around. Alimwachia running of that particular casino and he moved on, kama findio. Next. You are either his wife or one of his business managers.

Alpha male. He even paid for the wedding of one of his ex-wives. Wazungu don’t believe in being unhappy. Same with the Arabs I believe.

MGTOW = Freedom and peace of mind.

Until the day you learn how to be happy alone, you will continue fighting a loosing battle.

Many men have gotten married just to avoid loneliness only for them to discover how lonely an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage can actually be.

Jipende kiasi boss.

Its an Alpha state of mind… kuishi properly detached and unhinged… benefits ni peace of mind…

Unaeza jipenda hata kwa ndoa… the factual reality is that men are the more emotional of the sexes and crave unconditional love and companionship, exclusive ownership of women, children and material things and/ or phenomena natural or intellectual… something women are totally incapable of offering or even understanding…

Hence fraternaties and fraternizing among males, bro codes, etc etc… It is why it is so repulsive that women have succesfully incursed into the previously exclusive halls of masculine expression kama sports hivi, clubs and bars, exclusive male only members clubs… The physical spaces for men only have now to be turned ideologically and adapt to this realities and realisation that the key to happiness/contentment is pure detachment from the things of this world including women. property, children, politics, and even governments…

Kwa wanawake mapenzi ni transactional plus conditional on the basis of providence either now or future capacity to provide and secure her and her offspring… So they sell this happily ever after dream that every man wants to hear and have actually come to own and use idealised romanticism as a tool to manupilate men…

So go ahead, be a man, have children, get a wife, family, coz if you dont, you will still regret it…just dont be too attached to this people or things. Enjoy the joy they bring coz without them you will still crave them… just ensure you are well centred ideologically… and avoid other people’s definition of happiness… or chasing even that happiness too much and at any costs…

My friend,its better to err in the side of caution than to spend half of your adult life gnashing your teeth in remorse. You can get kids if you love kids, but saying ‘I do’ is such a huge gamble that most men don’t realize its gravity until they are balls deep in shit.

See where the moron thrives, look at the characters he’s comfortable having conversations with, look the handles giving him the likes, very convoluted choice of handle names.
But right there he’s in his element, thriving, soaking up all the adoration, not a single insult anywhere, no unkind word.
The senile old gay goat.




This is how homosexuals think and try to destroy marriages

Pretty true

That’s the sad reality.

Hii ndio masAibu ya kuoa mapema na ndio tunapinga huu ujinga kila kuchao. Juzi i have seen fools here advocating young men to ‘settle down’ at 25 years ndio wasikuwe walevi etc…My God, if only u guys knew how shitty these so called modern marriages are…

One thing that i will keep reminding u young turks here is that a woman’s love ( or attraction to u ) is ephemeral and very temporary. Enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts and move on swiftly the second it starts waning. Dont wait to get scalded like most foolish men do.

You are a full blown homosexual

Are you happy?

A.k.a geh folks:D:D:D no pun

Haiya kumbe wewe ni mathice? Always doubted it. But I see this thinking is consistent with your character. We were once great friends, I didn’t imagine you’d start a new ando without giving me a heads up.

I know you have gone through a lot in marriage and relationships in general. So I take every perspective/opinion you hold about these matters as the gospel.