Am confused

Saw this photo of father and daughter on mukuru. The comments say that there is nothing wrong. Am I the mshamba one… Or society changed.

Is this okay really? Father and daughter

Not right !! Sick

Hii nayo ni very wrong in every way. This is very wrong. From 0 to 5, the baby can sleep on the bed with parents and cuddle them, but from 5 to 10, the baby should only get carried around by the parent around, kitu kama iyo apo juu is a no. From 10 - 15, you can only hold the kids hands while walking around, hakuna cha kumbeba tena, leave alone her sleeping in your bed. From 15+, local ninjas have already started making inquiries. All you can you do is advise your child accordingly and pray the gods will watch over her.

Vitu soft

Kumbe Orangutan unakuwanga na wisdom kiasi? Am impressed

Am waiting for the parents to comment because a daughter under 10 will harass you akikosa sleep, ajilete hapo and after 15 mins she is snoring away, you gently lift her and take her to her bed

Mtoto akifika 6, kubebwa inaanza kuwa story.

Perverts kila mahali…are you all saying that because you are getting turned on by what you are seeing?

Noooo… I guess the dressing is wrong, the posture is wrong, what is the kid learning… Haitakaa normal for her sleeping with every man like this?

Tugege with another retarded take. You dont see anythign wrong with that picture?

baba analalisha mtoto hakuna story hapa unless wewe ni pervert

Sioni shida yoyote hapo:D:D

Mtoto ni wa nani?

Mbona mko na kiherehere? Zalisha wato ukae naye acha kuingia forest maneno ni ngumu kwa ground:D

Unapata the mother ndio amechukua photo

Jail bet

BTW you are not the SI unit of opinions!

Can a woman trust @uwesmake na mtoto wake wa kike ama kiume? Ghaseeer mtoto wa mama pima alitomba mtoto wa shule form three akamtia mimba wakazaa jitoto lenye misuli tinginya.

Hakuna shida, you mean you can’t even go swimming with your daughter or walk along the beach with her? When you become a parent you’ll naturally understand the limits.

I don’t understand how the two are correlated.

Very inappropriate