Am confused

Smart ones here who are familiar with Einstein’s relativity theory please explain this to me.

If you want to understand relativity go read about the Michelson Morley experiment first. Na kama hukufanya physics high school hauna bahati.

Hizi maneno hazina direct translation kama venye unajaribu kusema. For one, traveling at the speed of light means you will be converted from matter (mass) to energy (light photon). So it means you won’t even return to earth.

Hiyo ndio kitu kidogo nakumbuka from reading on relativity, before I discovered kukamua kienyeji slayqueens kama ile shepart ya Kimilili is a better way to kill my time.

You can’t travel at light speed. let’s begin there!!!

Hii kitu jisomee. You will never get the answer but its interesting. Especially the relationship between time and events.
The moment you reach the speed of light, TIME STANDS STILL FOR YOU. Your watch stops. Let’s say, you started the run at 12.00 Noon on 31st May 2015, and reached the speed of light after one hour MY time, viz., 1.00 PM - your watch will show 12.15 PM only.

This is where the problem starts. For you it is 12.15 PM on 31st May 2015 forever. If you do not have a destination, you are going to be in serious trouble. Since you are running at the speed of light, you have absolutely no concept of passage of time. Therefore you do not know when to stop, because the word “when” is meaningless for you - whose time is constant. There is no “when” or “then” for you, only NOW. Therefore, IF you stop, you may be 1, 10, 100, or a million years ahead of MY time - you don’t know!!

It’s all about gravity and time.

Remember the movie interstellar when they went down to the planet where it was rotating really slowly. The guys who went down to the planet didn’t age. But the guy up on the spaceship aged like 20 years and he was an old man when they came back up.

Now my head hurts

We need to look for those astrophysics documentaries by morgan freeman and stephen hawking. Reminds me of how hard it was understanding the concept in the series DARK hadi my head spun

@Mediocre husaidii
This is in the realm of theoretical physics I believe
Anyway @Rene Descartes and @MortyTuumbo and @General Specific your take is similar to this one here
‘…Einstein’s theory of relativity. Look it up if you don’t believe this post, it’s an effect called time dilation. The faster you move through space, the slower you move through time. Also, the greater gravitational field you are within, the slower you move through time. Also, time is not man-made, it is impossible to measure something that does not exist. Time is directly related to the entropy of the universe. That is why the past is always behind us, and the future is always in front of us. You can’t go forward into the past…’
Interesting…I never knew this

Thats just being informed, if you want to understand why the theory is so famous in science you have to start somewhere, go to YouTube and find a video about hiyo experiment nimekushow hapo juu, then you’ll know why the theory was needed when it was needed, anything else is just prolonging your confusion.

Another thing to confuse you even more, the past and future are not behind and infront, they all exist at the same time with the present, we are just wired to see the passage of time when in truth it’s all an illusion.

@Mediocre true
The kind of stuff am reading has my head in a spin…I would rather not delve further. But key word is theory!This is theoretical physics…first remember that human beings can’t travel at the speed of light to start with. So we can make interesting assumptions using the main premises that Einstein based his theory on…I find it very interesting!
So don’t dismiss me…I have learnt a lot since yesterday

No it’s already proven as a fact but you can’t call it the fact of relativity can you? It’s just nomenclature. GPS systems use relativity to tell time and measure distance from space. Even the design of the nuclear bomb works on principles of simple relativity.

that is why it is reffered as a paradox

I am going to youtube now. i am intrigued. But i know i will only grasp a small fraction of the whole theory. Hii unaweza chizi. I think some things our brains just cannot process they just go in circles and shut down. Hata hapa wale wanajua the theory barely understand it or understand it in a way their brain best can.
I am asking myself why make myself suffer trying to get it when i can stick with @Barueri kwa kukamua warembo.

You should watch the German Netflix Series ‘DARK’ and you will understand all about time relativity.

Kumbe nyinyi burukenge munajua hizi mambo.
Theoretical physics and astrophysics are my specialty. Lazima uwe umevuta bangi at some point in your life ndio neurotransmitters na receptors za brain ziwe boosted ndio uelewe mabo kama hii.

When travelling at the speed of light your mass is not converted to energy, infact your mass will increase all the way to infinity.
That’s why its impossible to travel at the speed of light, your infinite mass will require infinite energy to move.

Mkubwa shed more light on the issue…kindly…Am intrigued

Nice, do you do research on the same ama bado haujafika hiyo level?

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