Am confused, need advice

I have a business in this premises for more than 7yrs now, it’s a 4 floored building.
Two months ago , the premises was sold and the current owner is saying, in compression to his other such building he owns, hakuna pesa anapata. So, he wants to restructure the upper parts and expand them, currently ni bedsitters. He has given us a one month vacating letter arguing that he can’t do the construction job while the shops are operating due to safety measures.
Maisha ni ngumu saai, businesses are down and then boom, mwenye nyumba anaaza story kama hizi. Right now if am told to vacate, I actually don’t know where to start, I have a loan am servicing, wife walisimamishwa job and this shop is the sole provider. You can imagine relocating a business, man.
I explained my issue and he told me that, he will consult with his architect ajue kama they can work while the shops are still running. Am having sleepless nights, imagining how much I’ve invested in my buiz plus customers.
Ikifika hapa, whats next.


Ungesoma shule kwa bidii ungekua umejenga duka yako not renting

Waaa ! Unaweza shangaa the place u relocate too becomes better for business, sometimes what seems like a stepback might turn out to be a blessing , but najuwa relocating at this time will be a nightmare !

rudi ticktoc ! watu wazima wana ongea !


Always have a contingency plan in business to try and mitigate issues like this and it might well be a blessing in disguise.

Clearly you never done business besides mcoosh peddling in this country

Shida ni ! hii time ya covid people have really dipped into their rainy day funds, people are even trying to dispose their assets for some liquidity lakini wapi !

I think those who have pressed the like button are your enemies.

Do not kill yourself with sleepless nights…things happen and this might happen. I understand your frustration but I can’t pretend to understand your situatoin. I’m also not in a position to give a perfect solution but all I know is that somehow things will work out. next year a time like this you will be singing a new song. Don’t ask God HOW to get out of this, ask Him WHAT to get out of it. Nothing is too hard for God.

toka hapa na hizi fake deeps. Ghasia

They sell them below market value which is a good thing to some of us.

A- ya '94, did you ever go beyond high school?

Kakamue ngamia. Si wengine tulipata hio A- na hatujigambi and furthered beyond A- za high school.

Don’t have time to engage with civil servants who do not understand basics of contingency planning.

Hii biz yako ina deal na nini?

tunakuona sana dadii…business ideas

Pole man. It is a bad situation to be in.

I’m not sure about this, but I think the landlord is required by law to give you at least three months notice.

Mtu hawezi kwambia tuu uhame next month. Tenants have rights too. But I’d advise you to negotiate with him first before escalating.

If you figure a way out, make sure you use the first year kutafuta doh and open a second branch. Kukuwa na branches kadhaa huokolea sana.

Most importantly, be very busy kutafuta location mpya poa juu kupata inakuwanga next to impossible.

I relocated one of my biz last year during the pandemic, landlord msap alianza za ovyo na story kama hio yako… i moved and i wont lie…it took time but things are slowly falling into place, jipe moyo things will work out… pole about your situation though.

…and you are serious?

depends on what you signed when taking up the premises

Life will still go on.If I was you I would ask for more time so that I can also continue looking for.a strategic place to set up the new shop

Life uwa ivo, ups and downs, the same thing which happened to your wife is about to happen to you. Talk with your landlord, kama haitawezekana mwambie akupatie priority after renovations, weka pesa kiasi kando ya relocation,