Am Confused comrades

Kuna dem we met briefly kwa some event alafu akachukua namba yangu from our mutual friend…akanichapia tukaanza kuchapiana…Alafu vile nimeunleash the fisi in me ,she tells me she is lesbian,Like she for real…Nashangaa why would she go through all that pain of getting my number and initiating conversations if she really not into men.Psycho shit

Tell her that your TONGUE is FLUENT in LESBIANESS…

Labda ulikua umejaza umama[SIZE=1] ¯_(ツ)_/¯[/SIZE]
Whats confusing about a lesbian?

Cant you just be friends with someone without mambo hiyo ingine coming into the picture:)

C’mon. How old are you? There are only two reasons why a woman can ‘tafuta’ you. Mjuols or money/job/connection etc. Obviously amekwambia sio mjuols anataka. So hapo jijazie.

Remember, men use women as sex objects. Women use men as success objects.

How did you unleash your fisi side. Were you vulgar?

You should have asked her if she’s gender fluid. Noogle.

Labda lugha yako iko chini. She’s being polite anadai kujiondoa

naona usipochunga uta trend very soooon you will be accused of RAPE/ABUSE/ETC run very fast and block her

Hakuna thermal images ya text hata?


u should have known it was a trap

never let them initiate anything

uko na bahati u still have ur kidneys na wallet. these people always want something

Lesbian akikusaka…im assuming shes gender fluid…ange enda @inzhener otmetka way…trust me i dealt with a lesbian in secondary school…taaaamu kabisa.
Game is still on…janjaruka.

You’re thinking out of the box

Ask her if she is sexually fluid i.e she is bisexual and she wont mind some dick!

She heard what you had to say and she wasn’t impressed and tried to put you down as softly as possible ! She is a nice person !

Hio huwa up there with religious excuses

Aliona uko Chini sana Kiswahili.

Kazana na yeye you got something her partner can’t give her.

Truer words have never been said bro!