Am back

Ask all your relationship questions, i will answer.

Who are you? You are just an @anonymous guy

Am the baddest of them all.

Wewe ni @BADASS ??


people people, am here for all your relationship issues and its limited. Both Alphas, Betas and some bitter females, wanajijua.

Am the baddest version.

Upuss umbwa

Lets reduce too much hate this morning bwana. Ama ni dry spell

Dry spell yamarisa mimi hukuTrumpland kwa akina @Purple

Hoping koronachieth iishe

Mmmmm he is a kipiiii hiding in baphomet to scare us ,but if he crosses some of us hatajua hajui

Upuus thread from upuus OP. Who were you before you went missing?

Wee heshimu @Baddestnigga ,you are spewing too much hate

I want to kamua Finest Swine dry fry then nipotee karura.How do I do it na ameniblock hapa Ktalk?

Relax ama niite Capote

@finestwine kuja hapa private inbox. Ama we hack ktalk and get your contacts

Lala punda wewe

Sasa ni kitanda ngapi umetingisha.

Hii pia bado ni opuus, mi apana tambua hio khasia