Am back

Back to a very boring ktalk site.coooooomer nina zenu

Hakuna mahali ulikua umeishia multihundle ndio zako.

Have you farrowed?

I dont live in kenyatalk like you.I fucckkk 30 times a week.hustle hard.donate .
[SIZE=1]@Mrs Shosho nkmekumiss[/SIZE]

Io muhahe yote nani amekuliza… !!

@Mrs Shosho anapika chapo saa hii

This is very confusing you are telling us that your name is Am Back but your handle reads Akothee. Is Akothee first name ama surname ?

and get pregnant carelessly !
When your children will demand their dads utalia

Couldn’t even change the title/heading

Am back - General - Kenya Talk

Attention hoes and slaykings wamejaa uku .