Am a proud owner of a car now!!!!

After stressful search of a clean 2nd hand car, I finally managed to acquire one on friday, it was lady owned very clean, the had all its original parts though the shocks were a bit weak. It’s my first car so am excited, though driving at night is hectic, how do you guys do it, am unable to estimate the lights behind me, zile horns napata wacha tu, do I use the side mirrors or backview mirror? I just finished my driving classes a week ago anyways [ATTACH=full]179343[/ATTACH]

Congrats, polepole utazoea.

Congrats Mazee, the beginning of anything is always hard and marvelous, as the time goes you gonna catch up!


Nice. Just make sure your mirrors are properly adjusted and you’ll get used to it with time

Congrats !!

Congratulations. May you be a safe and courteous driver behind the wheel.

Congrats on your first car. It reallh feels good to accomplish such a feat. It will also boost your esteem videadly!!

These are the things to remember.

  1. Always check your car every morning. Tires. Engine oil. Coolant na maji ya wiper.

  2. Learn to listen to your car. The sound your car produces while idle, or moving is very vital.

  3. Always have your brakes checked before embarking on a long trip (like Nairobi-Kisumu). I once ignored and I almost had an terrible accident!

  4. Learn to use the side mirror and the side view mirror. It may sound difficult to do now but you’ll get used to it.

  5. Avoid speeds over 100 km/h. Totally unnecessry on our roads and you’ll live longer. Avoid racing other motorist!!

  6. Find a good mechanic and stick to him!

  7. Always be there when the mech is fixing your car at the garrage, not only to make sure they do a fine job (most of these guys works best under maximum supervision) but also for you to learn stuff about cars in general.

  8. No matterhow tempting, don’t acquire the Kenyan terrible driving habits i.e. overlapping, running the red light, illegal turns etc! Be a gentleman on the road.

  9. Avoid road rage!

All the best!!

Ooh and a car is a ngeos magnet… they will come to cum :D:D and when they do, don’t fail the kijiji, fikisha threshold and bring the hekaya!!

mzae niko naka colt ama kamazda,colt ni 100k na ni pick up,mazda ni 50k

ati what?

Congrats. Could this be the Mighty Mazda Demio?

Congrats Firefox.
Learn to use all mirrors, don’t depend on just side ones…


:D:D generali, hizi ni gari unauza ama ni stalls? :smiley:

Congrats bro

Coolant, engine oil na maji ya wiper you can check weekly


Congrats! Backview mirror aka Drivers mirror has a flick handle for day and night drive. Thank me later friend

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