Am 99.99% sure that Old Mzee Prisoner is a Mungiki

Nani anapinga…See how is shining his eyes…Wazee wenzako wako kwao mashambani na wajukuu wao na wewe uko nairobi unasumbua raia…Hii Nairobi watu hawataka na amani juu yako and then Uhuru ameiwachilia (ati presidential sijui nini) sawa wacha tuu atoke lakini tukikipata tena hio kitambi itakuwa mutura

Sometimes I just don’t get UK… why should he invite convicts to statehouse?? He should have gone to visit them in prison and not vice versa?? I believe they were sent to prison for a reason


Kwa paper ya leo amesema hana mahali pa kwenda

baaaaaas wakarudishe ndani coz if he does nt have anywhere to go he will result to crime

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They call it demystifying the presidency

Ameishi jela hiyo miaka yote and he isnt a trustee hapo iko shida.

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they is a reason why he was not a trustee after all those years

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PR points must be scored at any opportunity

What is the story of that old mzee ? Can any one volunteer to take him to S.J. Ama Good Hope, then he can sober up.
Supu can u host him for a few days, ama mtasema Amezoea nyuma ya wanaume, Kabuda Yuko wapi.


In UK and US many lags released on a friday always find themselves behind bars monday morning…life is tough out here.

What is a trustee? bwana mod and how does one identify them?

yaani hako kamzee kaliingia jela mbuyu akiwa 19yrs, akanizaa akiwa 32 na sahii niko 28 na mbuyu yuko 60.

This is negative PR… there are loud accusations of the government entrenching and condoning corruption then he goes out and parades convicts at Statehouse, there are so many role models in the community who have done great things for the country!

His PR team has goofed on this one

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‘See how is shining his eyes’ I presume you meant ‘see how his eyes are shining’ right? It reflects his Intellect, too bad he got caught, they say intellectual are to be found in two place universities and jails.

Chess as they play it in politics …

Move 1. … this year/term, you make lots of reforms and become a “friend” to the disenfranchised, in this case its prisoners
Move 2. … befriend lawmakers who are affected or who would support the rights of these disenfranchised
Move 3. … wait a while then lobby to have their rights “respected” and “recognized”
Move 4. … in the document which details all the rights which they should have by law, insert the right to vote
Move 5. … run for office and get all their votes


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Inmates who are well behaved they don blue uniforms and have responsiblities like cooking and serving fellow inmates among other duties and have more freedom within the prison.

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huyo prison guard far right naeza mkamua vifiam

Watachola uongo.‘mimi sikuwa jela nilikuwa state house miaka kumi’

Tunakusheki tu mukafete.