Alvin Chivondo Caught Again....Sonko Bail Wasted!

Old habits die hard.

Alvin Chivondo, whose one-year conviction for stealing food items from Naivas Supermarket angered many Kenyans, has been arrested for the same offense.

Chivondo was released in April after Mike Sonko paid his KSh 100,000 bail and offered him work, only to be caught stealing from the supermarket chain again.

Is stealing addictive?

yes to some it is.when they see something laying around its like them hands have magnets and they cant help it.people from western are known for steling small small things that are insignificant.


Third Chance Will Be A Charm?..


Alvin Linus Chivondo, the man who hit the headlines last month after being charged with shoplifting was back in court on Monday, for stealing again.
Chivondo was set to appear before Milimani chief magistrate Wendy Micheni but before he could take plea, his file was recalled by the Director of Public Prosecutions.
The DPP discharged Chivondo after he agreed to be subjected to psychological examination at the Mathari Mental Hospital to ascertain his mental status.
Chivondo has agreed to refrain from violation of any law.

“I acknowledge that in the event of a criminal arrest while on the diversion programme, the ODPP will have the option of terminating the programme," the letter reads.