Alternate Kenyan Presidents

First if all, some rules:

  • Has to be someone dead (Raila is automatically disqualified)
    -Has to have had some history in Politics
    -Preferably from pre-2000 KANU era, but post-2000 PODs (Points Of Divergence)
    -Please stick to English, use proper grammar and no swearing.

Okay, so what is a Point Of Divergence? In all Hypothetical Scenarios, a POD is a plausible branching from our timeline, or OTL. If you make a suggestion for a plausible Kenyan president, you have to make a plausible scenario. Here are a few suggestions.

[li]Nicholas Biwott[/li][li]Jaramogi Odinga[/li][li]Josephat Karanja[/li][li]Joseph Murumbi[/li][li]George Saitoti[/li][li]Michael Kijana Wamalwa[/li][li]Paul Ngei[/li][li]Tom Mboya[/li][li]Robert Ouko[/li][li]Pio Gama Pinto (Maybe not)[/li][li]Elijah Masinde (Maybe not) [/li][/ul]
Anyway, what do you think?

I think this is nonsense because it doesn’t add value to anything.

I don’t think anything, I did read

Kunywa uji urudi kulala.

Mumia would turn in his grave if he read what you have posted.

Tom Mboya

Trying hard to look intelligent but in essence appearing fast as an imbecile.


One year, I decided to buy my mother-in-law a cemetery plot as a Christmas gift…

The next year, I didn’t buy her a gift. When she asked me why, I replied;

“Well, you still haven’t used the gift I bought you last year!”

And that’s how the fight started.

Vyenye nko after kujaribu kusoma hii post


There are two types of people :
“Nikatie mutura ya 40”

“Nikatie ya kinde”
“Ongeza ingine”
“Ongeza ingine”
“Ongeza ingine”

How to appear intelligent:
Think of anything stupid/outrageous/nincompoopic/ùrimù…and then keep it to yourself otherwise you’ll remove all doubts!

I readeth not mate. Read i cant.

badilisha hilo jina lako jiite kitu kama king edward II

only Tom Mboya would have been a better President if he lived.

uhurus father killed him

do we really know that?
all “good” people became tyrants when they become presidents
this is africa man

If you people want to disobey this rule, fine.

Isn’t that a direct translation from Swahili? [I]Kama unataka kuongea Kiswahili, ongea Kiswahili wa sanifu kabisa! Tumia sarufi vizuri na kila sehemu ya hotuba; Majina, matamshi na vitenzi kulingana na matangazo! Usiache tamathali za lugha. Lugha ni kama mchuzi, na tamathali za lugha ni kama vile viungo vya upishi unaweka ndani ya mchuzi, ili kuweka ladha!

Okay, I’m going to make a POD for that.

  • Natashon Njoroge and Tom Mboya don’t fall out with each other, so Njoroge doesn’t assassinate him
    -Tom Mboya becomes Vice President
    -Mboya is chosen to succeed Kenyatta

Simple as that.

Technically, it was Njoroge who shot him. Kenyatta and Mboya had good ties. I heard a theory that Jaramogi was behind his killing, which I believe makes more sense. The theory states that Mboya was getting to popular in Nyanza and some thought he was headed to the top job, where Jaramogi wanted to go. Anyway, I believe Njoroge acted by himself. What do you think?