Alshababs strikes again!

BREAKING: #AlShabaab militants ambush #Kenya police officers traveling from El-Wak to #Mandera, initial report indicates 3 officers dead.
More updates as they unfold.

Ile mbisha ya yule shabab alikua anaweka IED kwa barabara umeiona

we better finish building up the Perimeter wall

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Did they even start building it? I guess it was a non starter.

Ukuta haiwezi saidia, bird brain scheme

Kwani kuna ukuta inajengwa, ama ni hekaya tu…

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Wah, kichwa na mikono blown away.


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@admin how come I dont have permission to perform the action of viewing hio attachi ya @Mark10?

the gava wanafaa kujitolea wabuy at least 2 or 3 MRAPS… otherwise these officers will one day give up

Freaking religious fanatics!

SHELL: What’s left of the[ATTACH=full]25443[/ATTACH] police car after ambush at Alungo on El Wak-Lafey road leaving 2 officers dead

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GORE DISCLAIMER. Uyo boy kilipuzi kilimlipukia[ATTACH=full]25489[/ATTACH]


So sad