Alshabab planning to hit Nairobi

It’s reported that the terrorist organisation is planning to hit the capital city. Please keep off the crowded places like malls and cinema halls. Please keep safe guys

As someone said after the Manda airstrip attack, if the al shaitura can attack a military installation with Kenya and US forces, what’s the point of asking civilians to be safe?
Where do they even start?

The most effective way to stop Al-shabaab is through intelligence work. Identifying the networks and stopping them before they attack.

Kenya we have a bad security culture. Our guards and police are not thorough and keen when conducting patrols and searches, that is a big gap exploited by terrorist in Kenya. Even with numerous checkpoints on the road, few take time to search passengers and luggages properly.

Place kama imax 20thc in town iko lazily secured.Those fuckers wanaeza ingia hapo kiurahisi Sana.Hakuna haja ya these security watchmen with their nonsense detectors, nikuanza kuangusha watu kutoka nje.Hakuna emergency exit. Afadhali ona movie mchana wakati watu wengi Kwa streets

they should hit parliament… those buggers are a waste of breathe

I concur. Or even state house

Al shabaab works for the CIA.

Kenyan police are a joke

They mount a roadblock…kisha they stop all matatus ,probox Na old pickups au lorry kuitisha driving license Na hongo

Hii watu nachokesha


Hapo sawa

And drove in a car bomb right to their door step.

Ni kama training manual bado ni ya colonial homeguards.

to drive away those eyeing US interests in the horn of Africa.

That’s true. If you drive a 2M plus car you can drive for years without being stopped. And if they do, the check insurance and DL. I’ve never had my luggage inspected for over 12 years of driving.

Those checkpoints are only good for collecting money and not for security purpose, and in Kenya you can transport anything you want from one point to the end without coming head to head with this police or checkpoints. I had my friend who used to transport “Tobako kubwa” from Elgon forest to Mombasa and no day he was even stopped and checked. Hii kenya ni wewe na Mungu wako tu

I wouldn’t be surprised. CIA is a dirty imperialist tool.

You want them to frisk your balls police style? :smiley:

Then you’ll start pinching noses like Nancy Baraza.

Me too. They rarely stop my 8m Porsche Cayenne with turbo. They only did once and only checked my DL and insurance and proceeded to congratulate me for having a cute beast.

ungeongeza ‘but do I say’ hapo mwisho

Yeah good idea, let’s blame the police