Alshabab Knew of KDF Slaughter

Somali security agencies were privy to a build-up of Al-Shabaab fighters around El Adde, prior to a terror attack on a Kenya military camp that left 150 soldiers dead five years ago.[ATTACH=full]356976[/ATTACH]

Anyone who has that video?

You don’t wonna watch that shit.

Im not a fan of zoomalls, but these blame games aren’t substantial it still remains that huge mistakes were on Kenya’s part logistically, strategically and combat. The fact that it happened again in kulbiyo shows that it takes alot for kenyans to learn from mistakes but i believe at the moment we are as strong and alert as ever.

Post video. We all know it’s gory.

  1. how the fuck do you not notice the build-up of al-shabab around you and it’s an open space with a 360-degree view of the surrounding areas?
  2. The entire military intelligence department should be disbanded

AL Shabaab is not a rag tag militia but a heavily invested mercenary lot, underestimating your enemy is a fools errand.

It was in Gore vids but its like it was taken down

if you have that video u are immediately tracked by the NIS and ATPU. don’t even think about having that video

Yes but it is the same scenario loud mouthed Kenyans are getting us into when we say shut refugees camps.

On one hand kakitamba their govt plus them all shout civilians are being killed yet they are alshabaab.

So you are forced to compromise to an extent of endangering your life.

In that shithole their is no difference between villagers and alshabaab,to make matters hottest villagers are on alshabaab side.

Who told you? Evidence?

After Kenya ikuwe defeated kwa kesi ya offshore oil blocks imekuwa ikipublish propaganda kwa magazeti vile ivi na vile vile.

After io propaganda what next?

It’s in today’s daily nation. Alshabab Hapana mchezo

Kenya ilikuwa defeated kweli? As far as I know hakuna judgement yet and Kenya did not participate in those proceedings. In other words we gave them the middle finger.

sawa endeni mchimbe mafuta na gas muuze muache kukopa kopa.

That’s our intention.

Shafting is a must even if we withdrew. Judgements may be rendered without our participation.

We don’t give a fuk what ICJ says. We are laying claim to those waters either way.

Until a Netherlands Warship camps there