Alshabab gunmen execute Non-Muslim passengers in Wajir


Religion of peace !

Ni intelligence imelala, ama ni wakubwa wamelalia intelligence?

intelligence ndiyo wako na kazi kubwa . .i guess we dont have enough infantry to cover those vast wastelands of deserts and thickets …but the fact is we dont really know whats going on …we only hear about the attacks not victories, .RIP

Kwani hii ni clickbait…execute Muslim…

Mohammed spreading peace,love and unity again

Today was really black Friday.


Religion/cult of bastards!!!

allah akbar

Precious in the Lord’s sight is the death of His saints. May the Lord receive this brave martyrs into His eternal kingdom. With their great reward for laying down their lives for their faith in the living God.

Watasaka hongo ama ni intelligence watafanya. I hear ukienda huko as law enforcement u get rich STAT. Wacha wasake ganji that is the priority of KPS and its affiliates. Priorities.