Alshabab attack Mogadishu Hotel (Siege)

The siege has taken more than 24 hours at the Hayat hotel.

What is the long term solution for this problem? Everytime Mogadishu wants to move forward, another incident happens.

Casualties are now said to be in the region of 30.

the issue is not alshabaab…the main problem is the local people who facilitate it. The long term solution lies right on our eyes. ona Afghanistan tangu murica waoshe mkono na kutoka huko wananchi wenyewe wameanza kuumia.

move every peacekeeping mission out of somalia keep the fighters underfunded meanwhile keeping watch of all activity bombing oppoturnistic individuals out of the shithole, uone kama Alshabaab haitakwisha.
if the people cant fight to improve their country then no one can…

Chaos is a ladder

It’s just Muslims following in the steps of their terrorist prophet Muhammad.

King David once circumsized 200 philistines, your version of religion is full of sh’t as well.

To increase security huku x10

Christians are supposed to follow and emulate Jesus Christ, not King David. So his actions are irrelevant.

In Islam, the perfect example of a human being is Muhammad, who is a verified terrorist. What these alshabab in Mogadishu are doing, Muhammad would applaud whereas Jesus would condemn it. Big difference!

[SIZE=5]Islam, a religion of Peace?[/SIZE]

Muhammad and his band of immigrants arrived in Medina in 622 completely dependent on the hospitality of the three Jewish tribes that lived there alongside the Arabs. In less than two years, two of the tribes that had welcomed him, the Banu Qaynuqa and theBanu Nadir would be evicted, losing their land and their wealth to the Muslims as soon as their guests gained the power to conquer and confiscate. Muhammad accomplished this by deftly exploiting divisions.

The prophet of Islam chose the order of the doomed tribes carefully. He knew that the other two tribes would not come to the assistance of the first, for example, since they had been aligned against one another in a recent conflict. He also knew that the third would not assist the second - due to a dispute over “blood money.”

The last tribe remaining was the Banu Qurayza. Like the others, the Qurayza were a peaceful community of farmers and tradesmen who eventually surrendered to Muhammad without a fight. Although the prophet of Islam had been wise enough not to order the wholesale slaughter of the first two tribes following their defeat (which certainly would have stiffened the resistance of the Qurayza), there was no practical reason for Muhammad to repress his genocidal urges once the last tribe had surrendered their wealth and power.

[SIZE=4]Some 800 surrendered men and boys (and at least one woman) from the Qurayza tribe were beheaded by the prophet of Islam in a bloodbath that is of acute embarrassment to today’s Muslim apologists (according to Ibn Kathir, the number ranges from 400-900 v.3 p.170). It is an episode that is not only completely at odds with the idea that Islam is a peaceful religion, but also refutes the claim that it is the heir to Christianity, since even that religion’s most dedicated critics could hardly imagine Jesus and his disciples doing such a thing.[/SIZE]

It is only in modern times (as Islam finds itself having to compete with morally mature religions in open debate) that the story of the massacre has become controversial. Some Muslims deny the episode, largely on the basis of mere inconvenience. Others are unaware of it altogether. But, the incident well documented in the Sira (biography of Muhammad).

Since Islam makes no apologies, particularly for anything that Muhammad personally did, contemporary Muslims generally try to convince themselves that the victims of Qurayza deserved their fate. They must have turned on the Muslims in battle and inflicted many deaths, forcing Muhammad to yield to the wishes of his people and respond in kind.

Unfortunately, the accounts of what happened, as related to early Muslim historians by eyewitnesses, do not support this myth. In fact, it was the Qurayza who were caught in an impossible situation at the time, between the Muslims and their Meccan adversaries.

“Life is very good now, people are happy,” says Lalai, who has organised the wrestling match. “There’s freedom and no problems,” chimes in another man.
Inside Lashkar Gah, everyone we speak to praises improved security, but there’s a new battle in Afghan cities, against hunger.

Watu lazima watahiri waache tabia kama za @digi

Ban religion…

Wasomali wote wapelekwe huko somalia. Wauwane kabisa.

If you ban Islam in Somalia, infact all religions, within 20 years somali people will be a 2nd world country
But as of now moslems are just being moslems, nothing new here.
and you find low IQ blacks changing their names from mureithi to mohhamed, grow a beard, wear a skirt and go to the mosque to lift up their ass in the air for the prophet to magically spank mid prayer… SMDH

You seem to understand just ‘part’ of the problem when it comes how countries like Afghanistan and Somali function. Why don’t you take a trip down to Mogadishu and stay there for several weeks engaging with the folks there.

Somali is actually a really nice place to unwind and the people there have a really great culture. The food too is awesome and so are the women(some of the most beautiful women I’ve met around the world come from there and Eritrea)

I’d recommend you staying at decale hotel in mogadishu since it’s strategically situated in a safe zone area where you can escape incase of fighting erupting within the capital. From there you can also get your local guides who will take you through the city and to other safe towns around.

Anyway, what you have to understand about Somali is that the locals there collaborate with Al-Shabaab majorly because the central government over the years has not been able to prove that they can be an alternative structure of good governance in comparison to the Al-Shabaab. You see, Al-Shabaab are actually mostly found around the rural regions where they have a very strong network. They offer all the services that a functioning government would be able to do.

If you talk to the locals there, they’ll tell you that Al-Shabaab has been kind to them in most occasions. If you remember the premature bombing of the capital some few years ago where I guess over 100 civilians were mistakenly killed?
You When you look at the propaganda videos of Al-Shabaab after that occasion, they tried to talk to the nation and explained to them what had happened and that in every war, there must be unintended casualties. Yes they never apologized but they made sure that the people understood that it was not their intention for the common Somali national to die but rather it was intended for their ‘enemies’.

Ukiwa Somali you’ll even just pass the Al-Shabaab making patrols like normal police. They don’t harass you if you are just going about your normal business. Remember they try to ‘act’ like a normal functioning government. Ukienda huko you just have to understand that there are rules there that are based on their culture and religion and as long as you are in their country, you’ll have to follow them.

These guys provide food to the destitute as well as conduct other community services. Heck you won’t even believe how great the basic security is there. You’ll rarely hear cases of theft or muggings and such bad vices unlike our country Kenya. The only problem comes in where they require capital in order to run the government sufficiently. They now have to impose taxes on the people but most locals don’t have a major issue with this because in turn the Al-Shabaab offers them services.
In Afghanistan, wanaumia because they lack enough professionals within the Mujahid to help in running the various government institutions and help manage their economy. They were left with a battered economy and it will take a long time to get it to a level where there’s some form of stability.
Remember that even foreign aid is being limited and that’s what they need so much right now as well as concerted efforts from other well functioning counties to help them in managing their economic policies.
All in all, most of these negative news on the television are just pure propaganda that’s meant to show people that a particular way of governing a country is not suitable. These groups have their own major short comings but after being in Somali twice and engaging with people on the ground, my perspective has changed alot

Which religion are you talking about?

:D:D:DTell that bonobo some truth

:D:D:Dmost of talkers really see through the religion bullshit

:D:D spot on Maragoli.

Nonsense, you cannot feat a man when he suits your purpose then disown him when he gets called out for crap, which Christian does not Revere the mighty King of Israel Davido?